1: Prosperous

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This story is a Trilogy that started as a oneshot. Below is the order of the stories.

- Turquoise Punchline Oneshot

1. The Turquoise Punchline

2. Asylum Romance

3. The Darker Side of Life

This story is written according to COMICS but has aspects of The Dark Knight.

After getting a couple of messages, I decided it would be best to make this into a story. :) I also had a lot of fun writing it, and fun writing this. So, I hope you enjoy, message me, I need some commentary on this :) Thank you!


The feeling of the green satin sheets along my legs as I got up from bed felt quite nice, I felt like a queen awakening from her slumber. I yawned, looking around.
"Hmmm!" I thought aloud, looking around, placing my hands on my hips. "What should I do?"
I threw myself off the bed and ended up face down on the floor, I squeaked and got up, looking around.
No one saw it! I got up.
"I'm alright!" I squealed to myself, running out of my room and succeeding in terrorizing Jack's henchmen by running straight into Giggles, a woman who Jack had hired the day before. She slammed straight into the wall, then gave me a glare and walked off.
I guess I'll check "harassment" off the list!
I giggled to myself, the joke I had made was HILARIOUS! Gosh, I should tell Jacky about it later.
I ran downstairs, flailing my arms, running into Jack's meeting with his henchmen. He raised his eyebrow as I entered, I stopped and walked over as calmly as possible. He snaked his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. I smiled softly at him, he returned the smile, then started speaking to his henchmen again.
It had been two days since we broke out of Arkham Asylum together, and I don't regret it at all. Jack and I have a successful relationship, I don't have a Villain name yet, which Jack and I have to discuss later.
"As you all know, Harvey Kent was just assigned as the DA of Gotham a little over four years ago. He changed his name to Harvey Dent, though, so we all don't get confused with Clark Kent. Now, I'm happy to say that Salvatore "The Boss" Maroni, one of the biggest gangsters is going to be taking care of him during his case. And, for now, everyone is looking for my lovely doll-" he gripped me closer. "and I, thinking we are hiding somewhere in Arkham, since we usually did that in the Asylum. You finish my speech, doll." he grinned at me, letting go of me. He knew how I liked doing gestures and I couldn't do it with him around my waist, that'd be just silly!
"They won't release the information of the fact that we are "missing". That'd be completely psychotic, because if Gotham were to find out, oh, the whole city would be in complete chaos! And no one wants a city in chaos. Well, besides Jokey and I!" I giggled, winking at Jack before going back to my talk. "So we have a complete success here, since Giggles went back and disposed of that guard's body before anyone could see it we're out of the loop. They don't think we've done anything wrong, besides run around the place. And, they probably think my baby is the only one to blame and I'm some innocent girl he captured!" I giggled, Jack laughed with me. The henchmen cracked grins, they had to or we wouldn't be happy! All of our jokes are funny, so they should always think so, too.
"Anyway, back to what I was saying! We know of Maroni's plans to attack Dent during court, but no one would suspect us of being anywhere near this issue. No one would think we were involved, and we're not anyways, but you know, the paparazzi will just devour our names in the papers, and we can't afford to look bad." I joked. "All in all, if Dent indeed goes bananas after the court date, we have a chance of siding with him. Which is an amazing opportunity, so if you guys want to go out and be crazy, no masks and no hints of you working for the Joker and I! Joker and I are laying low as well, no crime until at least three more days, the cops will get confused once they see Gotham has been clean of us and assume we really are missing. Perfect plan!" I sighed dreamily. "Now scram." I snapped my fingers, grinning as everyone filed out.
Joker chuckled, wrapping his arms around me from behind.
"I get all excited when you decide to take control!"
"Ew that's gross." I giggled.
"Have you found a name for yourself, my dear?" he questioned, twirling a strand of my blue hair around his finger.
"Yes. Caerulea. It means 'blue' in Latin!" I giggled, smiling proudly.
(Caerulea, pronounced K-er-u-lea)
"Very lovely, my dear. Have you found an outfit?" I winked, pulling out a cute outfit (which will be posted at the end of this chapter).
"Very lovely," he spoke, admiring the blue tie, grey, sleeveless button up with a collar, black and blue skirt, black long gloves and long black stockings. "Just like you."
I wrapped my arms around him, placing a kiss on his cheek. I took his hand and led him to the library, opening the doors and pulling him in, locking the doors behind me. He raised an eyebrow at me questioningly, I grinned wickedly and pulled him out to the balcony, looking off of it, sighing softly as the wind blew in my face. He still gave me a questioning look.
"What, I can't want to be alone with my boo?" I giggled, hugging him. He hugged back, a soft cry was heard from outside of the library doors. My ears perked up, I looked at Jack questionably.
"Uh....Don't go out there yet." he bit his lip. I ignored him, running to the doors and bursting out of them, coming eye to eye with big, grey eyes, matched with an orange and black body.
My jaw dropped, looking back at Jack who had walked up behind me.
"I hope you like it." he grinned.
It was a cute baby tiger.

Author's note: Alright guys, so I keep getting comments that its Harvey Dent, not Kent, even though I explained WHY I called him Harvey Kent. Because his REAL last name is Kent. He changed it to Dent because people kept confusing him with being a relative of Superman. Please, note this. :)

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