13: Innocent

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I woke up the next morning in the warm arms of someone. I grinned, remembering the pleasant night. I turned and kissed the lips of the beautiful man in my bed.
His eyes fluttered open, he gave me a genuine smile, pulling me closer.
It was moments like this when I realized how sane he really was. Though everyone said he was a psychotic maniac, I had trouble believing so. I had seen him slaughter, seen him steal, but I’ve also seen him reminisce and love.
Love. No one has even considered the fact that he could feel it. They all believed him to be stone cold, but he really wasn’t.
“Hey...” I said softly. “I love you, Jack.”
He smiled softly, closing his eyes. “I love you, too Evangeline.”
He pulled me closer to him, I ran my fingers down his cheek, along his scar and down to his chin.
“I actually was planning on asking something when you got over here.”
“Which is?”
He sat up in the bed, leaning off of it and grabbing his jacket. He pulled something out, then sat me up. I covered my chest.
“I know this might be too soon, but...” he opened a black box, my jaw dropped. “Will you marry me?”
I stared at the diamond ring, glistening glamorously. 
I blushed, looking up to him. A future with him, the man I loved.
It would be dangerous, but that’s how life was at this moment. I couldn’t change that. 
He could take care of me, support me.
But could we have a family together?
I shifted, unsure of this.
“Yes.” I said nonetheless, happy. I knew how hard this was for him, proposing to me. It was to normal for him. It was too weird for him. I kissed him. “Can we raise a family together?”
He stiffened, then looked down. “I don’t want to risk your life.”
He thought I would turn out like Jeannie.
“I promise it won’t be like that.” I touched his cheek. “I promise this time it will be different. That was a-“
“One out of a million chance, but we have a dangerous life.”
“I’m sure I can handle it.” I sternly said, he nodded finally.
“Alright, I trust this.” he responded, clicking his tongue on the “t” in “alright”.
I slipped the ring on my finger, feeling great inside. The ring belonged on my finger.
I started putting my clothes on. “So I guess I’m moving back in with you?”
“First, I think we need to kill you.”
I froze in my spot, I was in the middle of putting my pants on, I turned to him. He laughed at my awkward frozen position.
“You....But....” I was confused now.
“Not literally, my dear. Kill Evangeline Montgomery, so they stop looking for you.” he responded.
“How?” I asked, confused. 
“You tell me, you’re the clever little one.”
I thought for a moment, then grinned. “I got an idea.”
~*~Jim Gordon’s point of view~*~
I sat in front of a computer doing paperwork for the last cases I worked on, one being the Caerulea case. I sighed, I had no idea who it could be. I thought it to be Evangeline Montgomery, but it wasn’t. Everything leaded it to be her, but even Batman said it wasn’t her.
“Gordon, the library burnt down!” Officer Janine screamed, running to me, eyes wild.
I stood up quickly. “We have to go save the people inside!” I shouted.
“No, it’s already done with, the officers around the area pulled out as many as possible. Three were burnt alive, their identities are now open, I just don’t know if the public should know...” she hesitated, I could see the concern in her eyes.
“What is it?”
“One of the victims was Evangeline Montgomery.”
“How do you know?!” I gasped, sitting down. She was dead.
She held up a necklace, I’d seen it on Ms. Montgomery before, so this was startling. I held it, pieces of it were burnt of course, but I could see the clear name on the middle that read “Montgomery”. 
I shook my head. “Who did this?”
“You won’t believe this,” she hesitated.
“What?” I was at the edge of my seat now.
“Caerulea burnt the library down.”
I was taken back.
Evangeline Montgomery was innocent.

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