23: Pain

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Flashing purple and green lights clouded my vision, making me terribly dizzy and off balance. I let out a small groan, looking at all my surroundings. A giant bat ascended at me, I screamed and tried to duck. I realized, though, after a moment, I never feared such creatures, and calmed down.
“I have never been scared of the big black bat...” I spoke softly, shivering slightly, turning to where the next sound came from. It was gasping, choking, the voice was barely audible.
When I turned, I saw the thing that scared me the most.
Jack was choking on his blood, gurgling the crimson liquid accidentally, frantically, his throat was slit almost as wide as his mischievous grin. His hands struggled to wrap around his throat, but his clammy, paling hands couldn’t make it. I let out a screech, running over to my beloved madman.
“No, no no no!” I shouted, trying to cover his neck, failing miserably as the blood spurted onto my shaking hands.
He tried to speak, but I could not hear him. Then, he went silent, collapsing onto the floor. I caught him before he landed, holding him sight, sobbing. “I love you, Jack...Don’t die on me. Please. We’ve been through so much, don’t...don’t go...” my voice was hoarse, I could feel something bitter rising up at the back of my throat as I watched the only man I have truly loved choke to death.
His body went limp in my arms, eyes still in shock. But the smile, the permanent smile, remained in such a ghastly way, I knew the image would haunt me forever.
Shock was so intense that I forgot how to breathe for a moment, my fingers slowly letting go of his cold, hard body, and letting it rest gently on the floor.
Rage swelled up inside of me, I screamed in anguish, I screamed for Jack, I screamed for my sanity, for both of those things were long gone. 
We were supposed to lead Gotham.
We were supposed to live our twisted image of happily ever after.
We were supposed to raise our son, and teach him he could go whatever path he wanted to go.
The next sound made me freeze; the sound of a baby’s soft cry, a frantic cry I’ve never heard a baby make. I turned, shaking.
My baby was due in two months, and I just noticed the fact that I didn’t have the baby bump, just the flat stomach I had before I got pregnant.
I quickly ran to the crying, and if the sight of my love dying wasn’t worse enough, I saw my baby boy hanging from the arms of Poison Ivy’s vines, over a pot of acid. Harvey Dent was grinning, flipping the coin in his hand. I wasn’t able to scream this time.
My baby was all I had left to remember Jack.
I ran to the dangling baby, reaching out for him, but Poison Ivy, with a malicious grin, dropped him.
It went in slow motion.
The baby, my baby boy, screamed in fear as he neared the pit of acid, I could do nothing to stop it.
The image of my baby landing into the acid and disintegrating as it sunk made me collapse, gripping my hair. I groaned, letting the salty tears run down my face....
I screamed, sitting up in a cold sweat. Jack was next to me, gripping onto my arms, shaking me violently, shouting. Once he saw my eyes were open, he pulled away, laying me back down.
“Damn, sounded like an alligator had bitten off your arm!” he sighed, running his hands through his hair. “Calm the fuck down!”
“I had a bad dream....” I said, tears spilling down my cheeks. He studied my face for a moment, then his eyes softened. 
“Are you alright?” he pulled me closer, gently brushing my face with his fingers.
“No...” I sniffled. I started describing to him the horrible dream I had. He sighed, then shook his head. 
“I promise you I’ll keep you safe.” he spoke, eyes soft. I nodded, shaky. 
“Protect the baby and I....”
He froze for a moment, then sighed. “Yeah...The baby, too...”
He seemed uncomfortable, but I wasn’t expecting him to be all excited yet. It was understandable. He was scared.
“Aw come on, boo. It’s okay.” I grinned softly, hugging him.
“Eh....Go back to sleep.”
I sighed.
“Can you?” he questioned in response to my sigh.
“Alright, I guess I’ll stay up with you.”

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