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"What are you watching, Noona?"

Hyunjin laughed as Rose jumped at the sound of his voice. She turned around to look at him from where she was sitting on the sofa. She hadn't heard him come in and sneak up behind her.

"You're home early."

He smiled at her as he sat down beside her on the sofa.

"So this is what you do when we're not around."

The dancer pointed at the TV as he sat next to her. On the screen was their cover of EXO's Call Me Baby from last year's fanmeeting.

"It's not my fault that YouTube recommended it."

They looked at each other and both burst out laughing.

"I don't think that's how it works, Noona, but if you say so it must be true."

Hyunjin stretched and snuggled into the cushion, resting his head on the back and closing his eyes.

"You look tired."

He opened one eye.


"Seriously. Is everything okay at work? Are you sleeping okay?"

"If you worry so much about us, Noona, you should work with us again."

Although she kept denying that she wanted to and argued that it would be a bad idea, Rose's resolve was being worn down every time one of the members asked her to come back. Either way, she didn't want to encourage them and get their hopes up.

"I like your hair long like this."

She reached over and played with a strand of his hair. Hyunjin felt his cheeks heat up both at her compliment and at her touch.

Since finding out that Rose was also Changbin's soulmate, he had buried his feelings even deeper. He had tried his best to only think of her as a friend and treat her like one too.

Seungmin, his only confidant, had suggested that since Rose had two soulmates it was possible she could have three. However, Hyunjin wouldn't entertain this idea. This was for a number of reasons. However, he had seen how difficult things had been for Rose and Chan, he knew more challenges had been added with Changbin, and he didn't want to complicate things further. At least not right now.

Rose had confided in him at how guilty she had felt about her feelings for Changbin before they considered that he might be her soulmate. Hyunjin didn't want her to feel worse by splitting her affections three ways. But he was getting ahead of himself. She had given him no signs that she saw him as anything more than one of her soulmates' group members.

"Me too, but I'll have to cut it eventually."

"Put it off for as long as possible, please, for me."

"Okay, for you, Noona."

Rose smiled up at him and stared until Hyunjin started to get uncomfortable.


"It's not fair."

"Huh? What's not fair, Noona?"

"That you're so naturally pretty and also so talented."

Hyunjin hadn't had any schedules on camera today so he wasn't wearing any makeup. His heart fluttered as she pouted whilst complimenting him.

"But you're those things too. You're pretty and talented too."

Rose scrunched up her nose and it was the cutest thing Hyunjin had ever seen.

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