Red Lights

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Rose walked into the practice room with some snacks and drinks for the boys. She was worried about some of them dieting to look good for the concerts, so she had been plying them with food whenever she could. By now, she had learnt all their favourites, so she knew what best to tempt them with.

"Noona, save me!"

At Jeongin's cry, Rose's head snapped towards him looking for danger. The youngest was being chased around by Minho, Hyunjin, and Felix who were all trying to kiss him. She left out a sigh of relief before smiling as she put her bags down. The Maknae was doing a rather good job of holding off the other three boys as she walked over to them.

"Come on, boys. Leave poor Innie alone."

The boys pouted but let Rose pull Jeongin away from them. The youngest boy relaxed in the safety of her arms, letting his guard down as the others did as they were told.

"Thank you, Noo- Hey!"

Jeongin stepped away from Rose, his hand to his cheek as he looked at her in shock. She had taken the opportunity to do what the others had failed at and kissed the Maknae on the cheek. Hyunjin and Felix broke out into giggles.

"Noona, you're the best!"

"I thought I could trust you, Noona, but you're just as bad as the rest of them."

Luckily, Rose had watched enough Stray Kids content to recognise when Jeongin broke out into fake crying, otherwise, she might have felt bad for joining in with the teasing.

"Are you saying bad things about your Hyungs, Jeongin?"

"No? No, Minho-Hyung, no!"

The room was filled with laughter again as Minho tickled the youngest.

"What's going on in - Oh, snacks!"

Changbin, Jisung, and Seungmin walked into the room and the oldest immediately started rummaging through the bags.

"Hey! Those are for us!"

"Don't worry. I brought enough for everyone."

Rose walked over to where she had left the bags and began handing out the food until there was only one thing left.

"Where's Chan-Hyung?"

Changbin answered while happily opening his snack.

"I think he's in the gym."

"Again? He's been working out a lot recently."

"He's trying to bulk up again after he lost all that weight."

The boys glanced around at each other as they noticed Rose frowning.

"Luckily, he has Rosie-Noona looking after him now, so that won't happen again."

"That's right, and if any of you start any crazy diets..."

The boys quickly spoke up.

"We won't, Noona. Promise!"

Jeongin nudged Felix, who looked up to see Rose staring at him. The dancer began eating the snack she had just given him and smiled at her whilst munching away.

"Good. Do you know how long he's been in there?"

"Umm, I'm not sure. He was gone before I got up this morning... came back after I went to sleep as well."

Hyunjin wrapped an arm around Changbin's shoulders and leaned on him.

"How do you know he came home then?"

"He did."

Rose gritted her teeth after speaking up too quickly.

"Oh, okay. Wait... Noona, how do you know that?"

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