My Pace

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It was their last chance to spend time at the beach before returning home tomorrow. This time Rose had come suitably dressed for any surprise trips into the water. She has always preferred the Korean style swimsuits to the tiny bikinis the girls back home preferred. While the price she was wearing today looked rather modest from the front it was practically backless. Either way, it was by far the most revealing thing she had worn in front of her soulmate and she was a little nervous.

However, she had nothing to worry about. As soon as Rose removed her cover-up, Chan froze where he was and just stared. While he had secretly been hoping to see her in a more western-style bikini, when he saw her now the last thing he felt was disappointment. He had guessed that his soulmate had a nice body as she always more fitted clothing and he had felt it when they hugged, but he was a little surprised at how toned she was. She obviously exercise and the idea of them working out together crossed his mind.

"Chan, can you get my back? I can't reach."

The leader's focus was pulled back and it took his brain a moment to process the suncream that Rose was holding out. Apparently, he took too long because Jisung, who was setting up beside them, answered instead.

"I can help, Noona!"

Rose was about to hand Jisung the suncream when it was snatched out of her hands.

"I got this, Sung, thanks."

Jisung held up his hands in surrender as he backed away, but muttered under his breath just loud enough for them to hear.

"Didn't look like you had it..."

Rose sat down on her towel and Chan sat behind her. After he had applied the suncream, he leaned over her shoulder and whispered in her ear.

"I like your swimsuit."


"Yes. You look gorgeous."

"Thank y-you. Chan!"

Rose stuttered over her words when Chan began kissing her neck and shoulder.


"Y-you, you can't do, uh, that here!"

"Why? Nobody's watching. The boys are busy playing."

"It's a public beach! Someone could see you."

"I don't see anyone. Besides this is a quiet spot. It's why we came here."

Chan had done his best to distract her, but eventually, she moved out of his reach and turned towards him.

"All it takes is one photo. I don't want you to get wrapped up in a scandal. It will hurt the group."


Rose's heart clenched uncomfortably as her soulmate stood up.


"No, I get it. You're right. I'm going for a swim."

She gulped her took off his t-shirt right in front of her, leaving him just in his swim trunks. Now it was her turn to stare as the perfect specimen of a man that was her soulmate jogged down to the water. Part of her wanted to run after him, jump on his back and give him everything he wanted. She was so close to doing it too, but she hadn't watched him from afar these past years just to mess everything up now.

Rose held her book open in front of her but barely read a word. Instead, she watched her soulmate have fun with the others. She smiles when he smiles, laughed when he laughed and dropped her eyes downward whenever his abs flashed above the water. When he came running out of the water towards her, she quickly turned her attention to the book.

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