Victory Song

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They were in a meeting room discussing their upcoming schedule on Jeju island. Chan was leading the meeting, with Rose chiming in with some of the finer details if he forgot anything. Chan had his hand resting on her knee under the table, his thumb running in distracting circles.

On Rose's other side was Felix, who was feeling particularly cuddling today and was clutching onto her arm. When he reached down to grab Rose's hand and fiddle with her fingers he let out a gasp before squealing, interrupting Chan mid-sentence.

"Chan-Hyung, show me your hand!"

The leader waved his right hand.

"No! Not that one. The other one!"

Chan removed his hand from Rose's leg and raised it above the table. Felix moved Rose's hand, which was still in his grasp, closer to the leaders.

"You bonded! When did that happen?"

There was a pause while everyone took in the sight of the tattoo-like rings around the soulmates' fingers. It was made up of two intertwining lines: a zigzag and a wave. The two lines avoided and crossed each other as if they were dancing around. Rose couldn't help but see the symbolism of their relationship in their mark but tried not to read too much into it. After all, the past is the past.

Minho stared at the black marks on their hands blankly. He was happy for Chan, of course, he was. Their leader deserved this, but completing their bond came with an air of finality that made the dancer uneasy. As much as he had come to like Rose the mystery around her appearance still sat in the back of his mind. However, now finding out the truth may bring around more harm than good.

Changbin's eyes widened at the news, but after a moment he put on a big smile. It wasn't so much that he needed to pretend to be happy, he had been the one to help them get together in the first place, but for some reason, it still shocked him to see them bonded. Rose wouldn't need him to protect her or listen to her when she needed someone to talk to, now she had Chan for all of that and more.

Hyunjin jumped out of his seat and started jumping around in excitement. Their leader had bonded with his soulmate, the first one in their group to do so, and he thought the whole thing was very exciting. Noticing the faces of the others boys he tried to keep the excitement going by himself until they came to their senses.

Jisung was intrigued by the mark. They had always fascinated him, how they suddenly appeared after soulmates kissed for the first time. He wondered why that was, what was it about a kiss on the lips that connected two souls together. Nevertheless, he was happy for them. Although, he had been hoping to get to know Rose better which would be harder now as he was sure Chan would monopolise all her free time now that they were official. The thought made him unintentionally pout.

Felix hugged them both as he congratulated them. His Chan-Hyung and his Rose-Noona were finally together, and no one else deserved to be happy more than them. As he watched them get blush as Hyunjin asked them how it happened, a thought crossed his mind. Would things be the same now? His face fell for a brief moment before he pushed the thought away. Why would anything change, Chan and Rose would still need him as much as he needed them, right?

Seungmin was happy that the two had finally stopped dancing around each other. If they had taken any longer he was planning on intervening somehow because had been getting ridiculous. It was in everyone's best interest that their leader and his soulmate worked things out. He just hoped that everyone in the group felt the same way.

Jeongin was smiling brightly at the news. Chan and Rose had bonded and that was something to be happy about. Being bonded meant that they had kissed. The Maknae thought back to the kiss Rose had given him on the cheek and felt a little strange. He wondered what it would be like to find his own soulmate and hoped that they would be as great as Rose. Shaking his head, he pushed those thoughts away and focused on the smiling soulmates.

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