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Felix didn't understand why Chan hadn't told him that Rose was his soulmate. The two were so close that they usually told each other everything. Felix reminded Chan of the familiarity of home and Chan was Felix's rock in a once unfamiliar place. So it hurt the younger that his best friend hadn't shared such an important discovery with him.

Two weeks before their comeback and only a few days after visiting Rose, Stray Kids were in the practise room perfecting their choreography for the new songs. Minho and Hyunjin were going over a particularly tricky part with Seungmin and Jeongin. Chan was sitting at the front of the room watching their progress. Changbin and Felix were to the side grabbing a drink of water.

Felix stared at Chan. All he had thought about the past few days since he found out was how Rose was his leader's soulmate. He was torn because Chan was his leader and best friend, but he had formed a connection with Rose so quickly and he felt protective of her. He had to know what Chan was thinking about the whole situation.

"Changbin-Hyung, I'm going to get Chan-Hyung to tell me about Rose."


Changbin watched as the dancer made his way over to their leader without answering his question. With a sigh, the rapper followed and the two sat down beside Chan.


"What's up, Felix?"

"Do you ever wonder about your soulmate?"

The leader glanced at Changbin before turning to the younger Aussie.

"Why do you ask?"

"Wooyoung-Hyung talks about what it's like to have a soulmate a lot. It just got me thinking."

Following Felix's lead, Changbin comments too.

"Yeonjun's been talking about Anna a lot too."

Chan frowned in confusion.

"Who's Anna?"

"BTS's soulmate.

"Oh! Of course, she was at the MAMA's."

Changbin laughed as he thought about that night.

"Wooyoungie still won't shut up about the fact that he met Jimin from BTS. Any of the others and he would have been ecstatic, but Jimin-Sunbaenim is his bias."

Since they were getting slightly off-topic, Felix tried to subtly prompt Chan again.

"So, do you think about your soulmate?"

"Well, sure. I guess I think about them as much as anyone else, but we're still young and super busy. We've got plenty of time for all that."

"Last time I asked you, you weren't so sure you wanted to meet them."

The leader looked confused.

"Really? When was that?"

Felix stared at Chan as he answered, wondering if the older Idol was just pretending not to remember.

"During Kingdom."

"I don't remember..."

"You said, you had seven kids and you couldn't imagine needing anyone else."

Changbin almost choked on his water.

"Hyung? Seriously? But what about -"

"Are you sure I wasn't joking? Either way, I've got five years until I need to worry."

"What if they're older?"


"Your soulmate. What if they're older than you? You might have less time than you think."

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