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"What are you doing?"

Rose barely glanced at Minho as she replied.

"Listening to SKZ-REPLAY. Chan wants my opinion on the track order."

"I worked that much out myself. I meant why are you lying in the middle of the floor?"

"Why not?"

Minho shrugged before lying down next to her.

"How far have you got?"

"Over halfway I think. Limbo was my favourite."

"Ha! Like I'd believe that."

"Why wouldn't you? I love your singing voice."

There was a moment of silence.

"Thank you."

The two lay quietly for a while as the songs played one after another. When Chan's song, I hate to admit, came on, Minho heard some sniffling. He turned his head towards Rose and saw a tear running down her cheek. She sat up and he followed, looking at her in alarm.

"Noona! Why are you crying?"

"Since when did you start calling me Noona?"

"You can't change the subject."

"I know he wrote this before - before he even met me - but it still hits me right here."

Rose puts her hand over her heart.

"I thought you two had got past all that?"

"That was before we found out that our soulbond is damaged."

"What?! Damaged? What does that mean?"

"It means... I hurt him so badly that - that -"

"Okay, okay, shh, shh... But it can be fixed, right? You two will be fine. I'm sure of it."

Rose stared at Minho who didn't let his confident expression waver.

"He said that he doesn't trust me anymore."

"Well, yeah, that's not surprising... But that doesn't mean that he never will!"

Minho tries not to laugh, but the expression Rose gives him is so cute that he can't stop the corner of his lip from curling up.

"Do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Trust me. You've been wary of me since we first met. Do you trust me now?"

Minho stared at her expressionlessly. Rose sighed, taking that as her answer.

"I trust... that you don't have bad intentions. I'll admit that when we first met I thought you were suspicious. I was sure that you were hiding something. Chan... Chan is always protecting us, this time, I wanted to make sure that someone was looking out for him."

"And you were right to. I ended up hurting him."

"You were trying to protect him too. I - I'm sorry, for how I treated you when you first arrived. The whole situation seemed too good to be true, but I shouldn't have found you guilty without getting to know you first."

"What? No! I - it's okay, I mean, it would've been weird if you all accepted me with open arms. A stranger suddenly invading your life."

"But it wasn't sudden to you."


"Chan told me - that you already knew, for years, that he was your soulmate."

"Ah. Yeah... the problem with having an Idol as a soulmate, is it's very hard to get close enough to tell them and then there are all the saesangs claiming they're your soulmates. Why would anyone believe me? You can't prove it."

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