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Rose was trying not to laugh as she watched Stray Kids record a zombie version of the Maniac choreography. While Felix was taking the performance very seriously, the others were having a great time pretending to be zombies. It was nice to see them having so much fun.

To begin with they were just doing the choreography with zombie-like movements: clawed hands, jerky body movements, and growls. Hyunjin almost looked cute when he waved his hands about in what was supposed to be a scary gesture. However, once they got into it, it turned into typical Stray Kids chaos.

It was obvious that Changbin in particular had watched a lot of zombie shows. Rose was impressed by his growls and twitchy movements but also noticed when the rapper smiled at himself after his solo.

At one point they all started to bite each other. It started with Changbin biting Chan on the side, taking the leader by surprise and making him cry out. Then Hyunjin pretended to bite Jeongin's neck, who retaliated by chomping back at him, and finally, Felix pretended to take a small bite out of Seungmin's neck as he walked past.

Rose almost shrieked in surprise at the end when Minho started running towards her in a zombie-like fashion, but he barely spared her a glance as he straightened up and walked away. She had her hand over her heart when Felix approached her with his normal grin.

"Did we scare you, Noona?"

"You were so good that I thought you'd turned into real zombies. So scary!"

"I think Changbin-Hyung has turned into a zombie."

The group member in question turned towards them at the mention of his name and stumbled over to where Rose was sitting, still in zombie mode. This time she really did squeal as he pretended to attack her. Felix and Jeongin held the rapper back and he tried to bite her, making her lean back as far as she could.

"Are you not a fan of zombies?"

"Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually a scared cat when it comes to stuff like this. I can't watch horror movies."

At her admission, Changbin immediately dropped his act.

"Sorry, Noona."

"No, no! You're fine. Really. You make an excellent zombie, Binnie."

The rapper's chest puffed up at her praise.

"What about me?!"

"You too, Innie. Very scary."

"Who was the scariest, Noona?"

"Oh, definitely you, Felix. Seriously terrifying. Especially with your hands."

"It was kind of cool having this kind of makeup put on."

"Do you know how to do stuff like this, Noona?"

"Special effects makeup? No, but I'd love to learn."

"It looks cool, but I bet it's going to be a pain to get off."

"I'll help you if you want. I have my own special makeup remover."

"Really? Thank you, Rose."

"Call me Noona."

"Okay! Thank you, Noona."

Rose helped the boys clean up, or at least the ones who would let her. She focused on cleaning Felix's arms while the other boys used her special remover.

"Whoa! This stuff is amazing."

"My skin feels so nice after using it!"

"Noona, what is this?"

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