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It was the last stage for promotions. The next time Stray Kids performed would be on their World Tour. Chan was trying to keep the younger members focused for this last performance, but they were very excited to finally go on Tour again. He sat down in the makeup chair with a sigh, thinking of all the things he had to do after they finished here.

"You're bouncing your leg again."


Chan looked up to see Rose standing behind him. As he took in her perfect appearance, he was reminded of the conversation they had in his studio that night. How she used makeup as a mask to hide her flaws. He didn't understand how she couldn't see the beauty beneath. His soulmate was kind and caring, but also tough and funny. It made him sad to think that she didn't see these things.

"When you've got a lot to do, you bounce your leg. It's as if you need time to speed up so you can get started."

"Really? I've never noticed that before."

The habit had caught Rose's eye because she did the same thing.

"Okay. I will be doing your makeup today since Unnie is out sick."

Rose placed her hands on Chan's shoulders for a moment before she realised what she had done and quickly removed them. She masked the movement by clapping her hands together.

"You're doing my makeup today?"

"Yes. Is that a problem? I can get the other-"

"No! I mean, no, I'm happy with you."

"Good because I had to beg a little to let them give me a chance. Now, let's get started."

Rose walked around Chan so that she was standing in front of him and began studying his face. The leader was a little confused at first as well as a little uncomfortable at her staring at his bare face.

"What are you-?"

"Done. I don't think you need anything. You're handsome just as you are."

"What? You must be joking, Rose."

"I think STAY would agree with me. You don't need any makeup to look handsome."

"Yes, I do! I do need makeup. Be serious."

Rose picked up her tools and began working on Chan's makeup. Of course, she was going to apply makeup on him. As he was going on stage under heavy lights to be captured on camera, he would benefit from it.

However, what she was trying to get across to him was that he was handsome without makeup. Apparently, the fact that she had called him handsome had completely bypassed him.

"I am serious."

Chan mulled over Rose's words as she did his makeup. He watched himself in the mirror as he was transformed into what an Idol should look like.

The differences were subtle, but the leader could see how Rose had done his makeup differently from the usual makeup artists. Instead of feeling like his flaws had been covered up, they had been highlighted but in a good way. She had corrected his lopsided face, made his eyes look bigger and his nose look smaller. Overall, he still looked like him but without the things that annoyed him every time he looked in the mirror.


"You're acting like this is the first time you've had your makeup done. Is it that bad?"

"What? No! It's... It's perfect."

"As long as you're happy. Now... I was going to say you're ready for hair but the stylists seem a little busy. I guess you're stuck with me again!"

Rose grabbed some hair products and started brushing Chan's hair.

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