Hug Me

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"I can't believe you all had movie night and cuddles without me."

Jeongin was pouting as the boys warmed up for dance practice the next morning.

"Seungmin wasn't there either."

Chan tried to placate the Maknae but that only made him frown.

"So? He doesn't care."

Rose couldn't help but smile at how cute the youngest was acting.

"Aw, I'm sorry, Innie. Next time I'll make sure you don't miss out, okay?"

Jeongin beamed at her.

"Thanks, Noona."

She glanced over at Seungmin who was trying to act uninterested.

"You too, Seungmin."

The singer smiled briefly in reply.

"Let's get started! Rose-Noona will be my second pair of eyes so stay focused."

Rose nodded along to Minho's words as she moved to sit in front of the mirrors. She pointed at her eyes and then at the boys in an 'i'm watching you' motion. When she locked eyes with Changbin they both started laughing.

"Don't you mean your third pair of eyes, Hyung? You already have a second pair in the back of your head."

"I stand corrected. Thank you, Hyunjin."

Dance practice was going well. Rose ended up being more helpful than anticipated. She had a detail-oriented eye and due to her perfectionist nature, ended up being just as critical as Minho. Despite not knowing anything about dance, she could point out when something wasn't in sync.

When Rose's phone rang she slipped out of the room to answer it. Chan watched her go and missed a step.

"Chan-Hyung! Focus!"

After finishing their run-through once more, Rose still hadn't returned.

"Let's take a break since our leader can't focus without his other half in the room."

Chan ignored Minho's teasing and went to the door to find Rose. They both opened the door at the same time.

"Is everything okay?"

"That was a call about my visa. It expired and wasn't renewed since I'm not working."

"I'll get the company to sort this out."

"It's not a problem, Chan. I told them my soulmate lives here and they said if we go to the Soulmate Registration Office then I can get a soulmate visa and live here as long as you do too."

"Oh, okay. I'll make some time later today for us to go."

"Are you sure you're not too busy?"

"For you? Of course not."

"Good because apparently, they've been trying to get a hold of me for a while. They sent letters to my old address, so I only have until next week."

Chan wrapped his arms around Rose.

"You're not going anywhere."

She smiled as she leaned into his embrace.

"No. I'm not."

The two stayed like that for a minute until Felix approached.

"Is something wrong?"

"Nothing to worry about, Lixie."

"Rose's visa expired so we need to go sort it out later."

"What?! They are going to let you stay, aren't they, Noona? Hyung?"

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