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The next few months flew by. Stray Kids were busy flying around the world as they started their world tour. Rose was a little sad that she couldn't join them, especially when they travelled to Australia, Chan's and Felix's home country. However, her soulmates were more upset and they made sure to show it every time they video-called.

"I wish you were here with us."

Rose couldn't help but smile at Changbin's pout.

"Me too."

Changbin disappeared and Chan's face filled the screen.

"How's the new job going?"

"Good! It's nice to be working behind the scenes again."

"If any of those young Idols give you trouble, tell them I'll be coming for them."


Changbin leaned in so that he was in the frame and nodded solemnly.

"You can be very scary, Hyung."

Rose smiled amused and shook her head at her soulmate's antics.

"Channie's the friendliest person I've ever met."

"You think that because Hyung could never be mad at our Rosie."

Our Rosie.

Her heart felt full at hearing those words from Changbin.

Chan rolled his eyes but nodded.

"You're ridiculous, but that's true. Our kind, beautiful Rose could never anger me... you on the other hand."

Changbin's jaw dropped and he pointed at himself.

"Me? I'm an angel!"

Chan ruffled Changbin's hair.

"You're my troublesome child."

"Nuh-uh! Noona! Channie-Hyung's being mean!"

"Play nicely you two. And in any case, Wooyoung is worse."

"Yeah, I exchange coping methods with Hongjoong, but I think the rest of his kids are fairly well behaved and he has Seonghwa to help. Whereas all of my kids like to cause mayhem."

Rose tilted her head in confusion.

"What? They're not that bad."

"They behave when you're around."

Changbin stayed quiet at that because Chan was right. Having Rose around kept all of them calmer and happier.

"After this job is finished, I can travel with you... if you clear it with your company."

"Done. No problem."

The next two months continued much the same way. Rose briefly saw the boys in between them flying off to different countries on their tour.

Meanwhile, she worked on the set of the new reality Idol competition show, Peak Time. It was only a temporary job, but at least it was using her skills. She enjoyed watching all these Idols work so hard and she felt proud to see how they improved from week to week.

It had also been a good way to make more connections and she hoped to get more work in the future.

During one of their breaks at home, Rose and Changbin were having some alone time in the apartment. They had been watching a movie, but they were no longer paying attention to it. Instead, she was throwing popcorn into Changbin's mouth.

"You're good at this."

"It's my special skill."

"You mean eating?"

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