For You

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"- I've been assured that there will be extra security with us when we get to the airport. You guys know the procedure after that. Once we land, we'll head to -"

Rose tuned Chan out after that. They were in a meeting room again, this time discussing their trip to Japan for the next concerts of their world tour. She started scribbling furiously on her notepad, so much so that she ripped a hole in the paper. This didn't go unnoticed by those sitting next to her and her soulmate paused as Felix laid his hand on her arm.

"Um, Noona? Is everything alright?"

"Huh? Oh... Sorry."

"No need to be sorry. Is something bothering you?"

What was bothering Rose was that she hadn't been able to deliver on her promise. She hadn't been able to get anyone to agree to Stray Kids bypassing the usual entrance into the airport. Apparently, it was too important to be seen by fans and the press regardless of the dangers such crowds bring.

"Nothing that you boys need to worry about. I'm fine. Carry on, Chan."

After sending him a reassuring smile, Chan continued discussing their schedule whilst in Japan. Rose put down her pen to stop herself from wasting any more ink. On her other side, Felix leaned his head on her arm. The young boy looked up at her with a smile and she couldn't help but smile back.

Rose lived for these boys. To keep them safe, to make them happy, to help them achieve their dreams. Sometimes it was hard to come to terms with the limits of her position. While she made want to move heaven and earth for them, reality meant she could only do so much. However, this meant that any little thing that she could do for them, she would, no matter the cost.

The two weeks in Japan passed by quickly. Both weekends of concerts were successful much to Rose's relief. As much as the boys enjoyed performing, the organisation behind the tour was exhausting. She was looking forward to going back home, even if it was only for a little while before they headed to America.

Between the concerts, interviews, performances and other schedules that Stray Kids had whilst in Japan, Rose still had time to do a bit of sightseeing. While she did have to do some on her own, or with some of the other staff members, she had also gotten the chance to spend some time with her soulmate. It was nice to spend some time together outside of work, even if some of the other boys liked to invite themselves along too. They almost felt like a normal couple.

The worst part of travelling with her Idol soulmate for work was the times when they were separated. After landing back in Korea, Rose was waiting in the car for the boys to join her and the wait was an anxious one. They had made it through their Japan trip without any major incidents, all they had to do was get from arrivals to the cars waiting outside. She wished that she could be with the boys, not that there was much she would be able to do to help, but at least she would know that they were safe with her own eyes.

What's taking them so long?

When the boys did appear, Rose could tell straight away that something was wrong. The security seemed particularly on edge and the crowd was more riled up than usual. Jisung and Seungmin were at the front, and the singer had his hand on the older boy's shoulder. Jisung was led to one car while Seungmin got in the same one as Rose.

"Something happened."

"Jisung fell over."

"What?! Is he okay? Is he hurt?"

Seungmin looked at Rose with his steady gaze, not allowing her to guess how he was feeling about the situation. He took a moment before answering, not wanting to worry Chan's soulmate, but ultimately decided that it was unavoidable.

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