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It had been a stressful few weeks as Bang Chan waited for ATEEZ to come back from their World Tour. Changbin had asked Wooyoung if he had Rose's number, but he hadn't, so they had to wait until the other group came back to Korea to talk to her. Luckily, Stray Kids had been extremely busy preparing for their comeback. Truthfully, Chan was grateful for the distraction as he still wasn't sure what he was going to do about his recently discovered soulmate.

The leader had yet to share what had happened at the fan meeting with the rest of the group, even Felix. If he had, he might have discovered that the younger Australian had been messaging his newest friend. The dancer had been surprised when Rose had revealed that her native language was also English and the two had bonded over the fact that they had both moved to Korea for work and to pursue their dreams.

When ATEEZ had arrived back in Korea, Wooyoung had messaged Changbin to tell him that Rose had been fired. The dancer was blaming himself and when he mentioned that he was planning on visiting her Changbin asked if he could come along. They decided to hold off on getting Rose and Chan to meet again. After losing her job they thought that she might not appreciate the soulmate who had ignored her turning up at her door uninvited.

Wooyoung had raised an eyebrow at his friend when Changbin turned up in front of Rose's building carrying Dwaekki.


"You brought Rose-Noona a present?"

"It's to comfort her!"


Wooyoung smirked and reached to ring the bell for Rose's apartment, but Changbin stopped him.

"Wait, before we go in... I know."

"You know what?"

"Why you asked me to get Rose a backstage pass."

Wooyoung was inwardly panicking. It was obvious that whatever had happened at the fan meeting wasn't the fairytale meeting he had been imagining. If his friend knew that Rose was Chan's soulmate then he would have guessed that Wooyoung had already known, so he only hoped that Changbin wasn't upset with him for keeping it a secret.

"I wanted to do something nice for Noona, that's all."

"No. You wanted her to meet her soulmate."

With the confirmation that Changbin knew Rose's secret too, Wooyoung decided that there was no reason to play dumb anymore.

"Fine. Yes. You're right."

"So you knew that Rose was Chan-Hyung's soulmate?"


The pair turned to see Felix staring at them with wide eyes.

"Felix? What are you doing here?"

"Is it true, Changbin-Hyung? Rose-Noona is Chan-Hyung's soulmate?"

"It's not our secret to tell -"

"Answer our question first."

Changbin and Wooyoung glanced at each other before turning their attention back to Felix.

"I brought Noona brownies. She really liked them, so I thought they might cheer her up."

"You know that she lost her job? Did she tell you?"

"What?! No, she just said that she'd had a bad week. Wooyoung-Hyung, why did she...?"

"Our company found out that her soulmate works at another entertainment company, and they were worried about her loyalty, or something stupid like that."

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