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Rose spent that night with Changbin as well and the next with Felix. Hyunjin spilled the beans on her looking for an apartment to the younger Australian. So Rose had decided to tell him why - that her and Chan had a disagreement. Instantly he invited her for a sleepover.

The two of them watched a movie and spent the evening talking in English. The young Idol made her smile and laugh, so much that she almost forgot her troubles. If it wasn't for his accent reminding her of Chan she might have.

She ended up spending more time at home than ever before. While the boys were at work, Rose stayed behind. Her and Chan hadn't spoken since that night and she didn't feel like hanging around at their company while they were at odds. It made her realise that she needed to get a job.

Getting her job back at JYP didn't seem like a good idea, if it was even an option. The constant closeness and her involvement in Chan's career was what put a strain on their relationship. Working at another entertainment company wasn't an option either. Outside of that, opportunities for makeup artists seemed to be far and few between.

That was what led her to working as an English teacher. She knew that the Soulmate Registration Office helped foreign soulmates find jobs and they pointed her in the direction of a company who provided English language services. It wasn't her dream job, but it was something to do and all she needed was to complete a teaching certificate.

When Rose went for the interview she met one of the other English teachers. Eleanor was also from England and had moved to Korea six months ago. The two became instant friends and Rose realised how much she had needed a friend who wasn't involved in the Idol world.

Rose felt alot happier. She spent her free time with either her new friend Eleanor, or any of the boys, usually Changbin. It seemed as though she had finally let go of the guilt she had been holding onto. She had done everything she could. Now it was up to Chan.

For a while, Rose was bed hopping. The other members of Stray Kids sharing so that she could have one of their beds. Other times she had sleepovers, but only with Changbin and Felix as they were the only ones who felt comfortable to do so.

Which made sense. Rose ended up getting a lot closer to all of the members, but especially those two. She had very different relationships with both of them. While she had fun with Felix who was like a best friend who she could gossip and feel young with, Changbin had a different effect. The rapper looked after her, but he also felt like her equal. She couldn't help but compare it to how she had looked after Chan.

Soon weeks had passed. With them all being so busy time seemed to fly by and then Stray Kids were back on tour. However, this time Rose couldn't go with them. Now that she had her own job she couldn't just take time off to travel around the world with them. This was met with a lot of feedback and grumbles from the group, but surprisingly not from Chan. The leader had gone from monitoring her every move to seemingly not caring about where she was.

At least that is what it appeared like to not only her, but some of the other members of the group. Eventually, Changbin confronted his leader.

"Why are you ignoring Noona?"

"I'm not ignoring her."

"Hyung, before you wouldn't let her out of your sight and now you're rarely in the same room together."

"It was pointed out to me that I was smothering her, so I'm giving her some space."

"Who said that?"


The dancer, who had been innocently stretching nearby, looked over with a raised eyebrow.

"I said space, not whatever you've been doing."

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