The Tortoise and the Hare

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Rose was shocked when she got the email saying she had won a ticket to Anna's fan meeting. She had heard that due to its popularity they would be releasing more tickets, but she hadn't thought that she would be one of the lucky ones.

She had first become interested in Anna because she was BTS's soulmate. It was hard not to compare their situations. Rose wondered what life was like for her having Idols as soulmates, how did they meet, how did they react. Now that they've shown how happy they are to the world, Rose imagined having that for herself.

On the other hand, she wasn't sure she would want the kind of attention Anna has, good or bad. Rose was a rather private person, and although she worked with Idols, it was behind the scenes. She was there to make the artist look good, not to be noticed herself. It was something she had thought about a lot of the years, knowing that her soulmate was becoming more and more well-known around the world. However, it seemed she wouldn't have to worry about that for a while anyway.

As she queued for Anna's fan meeting, there was an atmosphere of anticipation running through the crowd. As Anna had only been seen on her YouTube videos and a few of BTS's V Lives, no one was sure what the fan meeting would be like, and everyone was curious to see what she was like in real life. They weren't disappointed.

During the first performance, Rose thought that it made sense that Anna was the soulmate of the members of BTS, she had the same talent and passion for music that the boys did. Anna was also as cute and sweet in person as she had come across in her videos.

In a way, Anna meeting ATEEZ at the MAMA's had been the beginning of Rose's latest rollercoaster ride. Meeting BTS's final soulmate had got the younger group talking about soulmates and ultimately asking about hers. If it hadn't been for that, Hongjoong might have never put two and two together and figured out who her soulmate was, and then Wooyoung wouldn't have tried to help her meet him.

So, when Anna did a cover of one of ATEEZ's songs, Take Me Home, Rose got overly emotional. She missed the young Idols that she had spent the last two years with.

When it came to her turn to have her minute with Anna, she was ready with her question. It had been difficult to decide which question to ask, knowing she would probably only have time to ask one. However, what she hadn't expected was the question that Anna asked her.

"Rose? You worked with ATEEZ, right? Yeonjun asked me to look out for you."

"He did? Oh, did Wooyoung ask him to get me a ticket?"

Rose couldn't believe that the Idol had done this for her, again.

"Um, no, I believe it was Changbin, from Stray Kids. You seem to have a lot of friends in the industry."

"Friends of friends. ATEEZ are great and really kind, too kind, considering I was just a member of their staff."

"Oh, I'm sure that's not true - Listen, if you're free after the show, stick around, I'd like to talk some more. Okay?"

Rose barely had time to agree before she was being ushered away so that the next fan could take their turn. As she made her way back to her seat, she was a little dazed at what had just happened. Anna was as nice as she appeared in her videos and Rose was hopeful that she could make a new friend.

Rose was also thinking about the fact that she now owed another Idol, and she didn't know how she was ever going to pay them back. At least, with Wooyoung he did it so that she could meet her soulmate, but Changbin had no reason to go out of his way to get her a ticket for a show she just wanted to go to.

Between Changbin and Felix, Rose wondered why the two Idols were so nice to her. She also wondered how they would react when they found out that she was their leader's soulmate. Since they hadn't said anything, she assumed that Wooyoung hadn't told them yet. If they reacted well, then she hoped it would mean that being a part of Chan's life would be easier. That was if she ever got the chance to be a part of it.

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