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They weren't back in Seoul long before they were off again. This time they were heading to America for the next stretch of their world tour. They would be there for around three weeks before having a short break and then finishing off the tour back in Japan. Before they left their full Japanese album had been released and Rose had been playing Fairytale on repeat.

Before the concerts started, they had a few days in New York. These were mostly spent doing interviews and promos for the Maniac album and world tour. Stray Kids were one of the most impressive groups when it came to speaking English, or at least Rose had always thought so. Having two Australian members obviously helped, but almost all of the members were able to contribute a couple of sentences and she knew how much STAYs appreciated it.

The night before the first concert, Chan did his first Chan's Room in America. The biggest difference with this V Live was that Rose was in the same room - off-camera - instead of being next door. This was because, firstly, they two had been hanging out in his room when he decided he needed to do his weekly show. It was also no secret that she had been watching him as he did these lives and with plenty of room for her to hide off camera, it seemed silly for her to leave.

Apparently having his soulmate in the room didn't affect what Chan said. As he played the new song by Nayeon, from TWICE, Pop!, which Felix featured in, the leader spoke about growing up around the female Idol as trainees.

Once he finished the live, Chan turned to Rose with a smile only to be greeted with raised eyebrows.

"So you think Nayeon-Unnie is amazing?"

Chan blinked owlishly. It was getting late and he had gotten up early this morning so he was a little tired as many STAY had pointed out during the V Live.

"Uh, yeah. When we were both trainees I thought she was really talented."

Rose looked away and tried to act nonchalant.

"Huh... Okay."

As he observed his soulmate it dawned on him.

"Why do you ask? Wait, are you jealous?"

She scoffed but looked at Chan expectantly.

"What? No. Do I have something to be jealous of?"

He tried to suppress his smile. Rose generally kept her emotions close to her chest and sometimes it was hard for him to figure out how she was feeling. Due to his job he was often touched by the stylists and makeup artists as well as being screamed over by their fans. Chan often wondered if any of it ever affected his soulmate, so seeing her jealous like this made him a little happy.

"You know, if we were public it would be you I'd be gushing over on my V Lives."

"Did you just admit to gushing over another woman?"

"That's the part you decide to focus on?"

Rose sighed. It had been a little while since Chan had brought up making their soulmate bond public. She thought perhaps he had decided to leave it alone for now, but apparently not. She tried to shut it down before it started because it hurt to argue with him about it.

"We've already had a conversation about this."

"And that means we're never going to speak about it again? I understand where you're coming from, I do, and I'm sorry that you ended up with a soulmate that no one can know about without you losing your privacy -"

Her heart dropped and she bit her lip.

"Chan... don't - don't say that. I'm not sorry that you're my soulmate."

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