The View

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Rose had been listening to Chan's SKZ-RECORD song, I hate to admit, on repeat.

How could I forget. The day you lied to me.

"How long are you going to spend moping in your room? I'm getting sick of this song."


It was a form of self-torture as if Chan was singing directly to her. Every moment since she left Chan in his studio that day, Rose had wondered if she was doing the right thing.

He probably hates me now after what I said to him.

That day she had gone home and cried herself asleep. When she had woken up and made a plan. She couldn't stay there. The boys knew where she lived and if they came for her, she wasn't sure that she would have the strength to say no.

So, after sorting a few things out, including telling JYP of her departure who was very understanding if not a little too gleeful at the news and had told her not to worry about anything, Rose booked a flight.

Deciding where to go had been a little difficult. She hated to leave Korea as all her friends were there, but ATEEZ were close friends with Stray Kids and Anna had just debuted. Plus, she wasn't sure she could face seeing her friend living happily with her Idol soulmates at the moment.

So, Rose had headed home and now she was back at her parents' house. After two weeks of feeling sorry for herself, it was time to accept what she had done and move on.

"When do you go to LA?"

"In a couple of days."

"Good. You need to go out and have some fun. You said you're meeting a friend out there?"

"Yep. Anna."

"That's nice. Girls' weekend away."

Rose was going to KCON in LA. Her mum had no idea that the soulmate she had run away from would be there or she might not think it was such a good idea, but Rose had to see her boys again. She needed to make sure that they were okay.

As she gazed out of the window of the plane, Rose couldn't help but get lost in her thoughts. Here she was about to secretly see her soulmate and the boys whom she had come to love more than anything, and she had disappeared from their lives without even goodbye.

When she thought of her sweet Felix and how he must have come back from Japan to find her gone, it made her throat close up. At the time she thought she had to do something drastic to remove herself from their lives, but she hadn't considered how that would affect her returning to them. When that time came would they even want her back?

After landing in LA, Rose made her way to the hotel and waited for Anna to arrive. BTS's soulmate was coming to KCON to support their company's youngest male group, ENHYPHEN, but since she wasn't there official for work, she was arriving a day earlier. Rose had booked her room in the same hotel that Anna would be staying in. So, they were planning on ordering room service and having dinner together to catch up once she arrived.

Once she arrived at the hotel, Anna messaged Rose her room number. When the other girl opened the door, she immediately wrapped Rose in a tight hug. After somehow managing to walk in and close the door behind them, they stayed like that for a good few minutes.

"I thought you could probably use a hug."

"Thank you."

Anna pulled away and they went and sat down in the comfy chairs in the living space of Anna's suite.

"How are you holding up?"

"Okay, I guess."


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