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Rose didn't know what was weirder, that Changbin and Felix knew what she had planned for their leader, or that they were excited to help her with her plan.

What started out as a joke had turned into a serious mission. Her soulmate's fellow Aussie group member was full of ideas of what Chan might like. Rose and Changbin were both surprised at the younger's enthusiasm.

To make sure that the two soulmates had the apartment to themselves, Changbin got their other two housemates to spend the evening at the other apartment with Felix's help. Now Rose had the apartment to herself and didn't need to worry about interruptions.

While she waited for Chan to get home, Rose had changed into lingerie and covered herself with one of her soulmate's t-shirts. Not only would Chan love seeing her in his clothes - as Felix had assured her - but it was so big that he wouldn't be able to tell that she wasn't wearing shorts until he got close enough to feel.

Taking Chan by surprise seemed to be the theme for tonight's plan and Felix had seemed upset that he wouldn't be able to see his leader's reaction. Rose had immediately shut down Changbin's idea to record it.

Rose was looking around the bedroom, second-guessing herself. She had set up some candles and used Chan's wall lights to give the room a gentle, romantic glow.

Is it too much? Will he like it?

There was no time to change anything as she heard the front door open and close. In a panic, Rose suddenly didn't know what to do. She laid down on the bed and tried to pose before giving up and sitting up. She crossed her legs and then moved them beneath her so that she was kneeling. She was about to stand up again when Chan walked in.


Rose watched as Chan stopped just inside the door, his eyes on her in his clothes and legs bare.

"Welcome home."

"Are - are you ready for bed?"

"Hm, not quite. I was waiting for you."

"Oh, er, you were?"

"Come here."

Chan walked towards her, and she patted the bed beside her. Her soulmate cocked his head, obviously wondering what she had planned. He sat down on the edge of the bed and turned to look at her, but she was already moving. She straddled his lap, sitting on his thighs, her arms resting on his shoulders as her fingers gripped his hair at the nape of his neck.

Rose smiled, trying to cover up her nerves, as her soulmate's hands rested on her hips. He stared at her, glancing down her body before looking up again. She felt his grip tighten and saw his Adam's apple Bob as he gulped.

"Um -"

Chan was interrupted by Rose tightening her grip on his hair and leaning in to capture his lips in a kiss. It was deep and passionate as she poured all her feelings and desires into the kiss. They hadn't been like this since before she left, and they had both missed the intimacy. Chan moved his hands to wrap an arm around her waist so that he could pull her closer to him. His other hand ran up to grip the side of her face as he took control.

But it wasn't enough for Rose. She let her hands run down her soulmate's chest until she reached the bottom of his top. Her fingers peeked under the material until they reached bare skin. She shivered as she felt his abs. Apparently, she was being too timid for Chan. Her soulmate broke their kiss so that he could pull his top over his head, revealing his toned body to her.

Rose drank him in and took a moment to appreciate how lucky she was. Her soulmate was a fine specimen of a man, but she couldn't decide if she was pleased that everyone knew it or if she would rather keep his body hidden for her eyes only.

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