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To Rose, it had felt as though fate finally wanted her to meet her soulmate. Her plan had not been failproof. Attending Stray Kids' fan meeting would not give her any guarantee that Bang Chan would feel their bond. Just like he hadn't the first time she had seen him.

On the day that the tickets went on sale, Rose was nervous. Her best chance was to get a seat as close to the stage as possible, but just getting a ticket was going to be hard enough. Whether it was fate or pure luck, somehow, she managed to snag a floor seat.

The weeks leading up to the day Rose spent varying from excited, to nervous, to downright terrified. So much could go wrong, and even less could go right. She had imagined this day so many times over the past two years and now she wondered which of those scenarios will come true.

It was a few days before the fan meeting when something was delivered to Rose at work. It was a VIP backstage pass with a note.

Tell Wooyoung he owes me one. - Changbin

Now Rose didn't need to worry so much about catching Chan's attention during the show since she was now guaranteed to meet him and the others afterwards, but in a way that made her even more nervous.

When the day, she distracted herself from the thoughts of meeting her soulmate, to what she should wear. Even as she sat in her seat in the concert venue, she fiddled with the edges of her top and ran her hands over the material to smooth out the non-existent wrinkles.

It was a good thing that Wooyoung had asked for a favour from his friend because despite getting a floor seat Rose was nowhere near as close to the stage as she had hoped. It was also a relief because she hadn't wanted to distract her soulmate while he was on stage.

As the lights dimmed, Rose could hear her heart start to race. She took some measured breaths to calm herself, but when Bang Chan walked on stage, he took her breath away.

Wow, he looks good.

Her soulmate was sporting his new hair colour, silver, and was wearing dark skinny jeans with a white top and a pink jacket. Rose liked his look very much. However, the more she studied him the more she realised how different he looked, and it wasn't just the hair.

I saw him on Chan's room two weeks ago, how much weight has he lost? Seeing his fans in person after so long... he must have gone on a diet, especially for this.

Rose had personally watched as the members of ATEEZ had gone on diets for comebacks and performances. Unable to convince them that it wasn't needed, she instead kept a close eye on them to make sure they didn't go too far. It made her heart ache slightly that her soulmate had felt the need to do this for his fans.

After the initial performances, the first half of the fan meeting was a series of games. Their answers were generally cute, but a couple were more surprising, like Seungmin's. However, it was Changbin that caught her attention the most, other than her soulmate of course.

When the MC left, Stray Kids announced that they still had a lot left to show STAY, and it was time for a costume change. The theme of the fan meeting was a chocolate factory, which was fitting as it was the day before Valentines Day. The group's outfits, in the beginning, had fit this theme, cute and pink. Apparently, they decided to ditch this for the next part of the show.

She knew from the VCR that she needed to prepare herself, but nothing could have prepared Rose for her soulmate in a cropped shirt. Standing still, the bottom edge barely met the top of his trousers. When he moved, it would rise up just enough to tease STAY with a peek of bare skin. However, when he danced, they got more than just a peek. Rose barely managed to stop herself from swearing out loud at the sight.

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