My Side

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For the first time, Chan didn't know how to talk to his group. Introducing his soulmate was not only personal to him, but as much as he might wish it wouldn't, it was also going to affect the whole group. He wasn't sure how they were going to react. Changbin was someone who tended to go with the flow and Felix had gotten to know her before finding out their connection. However, the other members were more prone to dramatics.

As Rose stood in the practice room beside her soulmate and in front of seven other Idols, it seemed as though the day she had been waiting for had arrived. Here she was with her soulmate, with the boys who were like family to him, and all she hoped was that they accepted her into their lives. She knew that without their blessing, then her relationship with Chan was going to be difficult, or non-existent.

Sensing her soulmate's struggle to start what they both knew was going to be a surprising conversation for the other Idols, Rose began by introducing herself.

"Hello, I'm Rose and I am your new assistant. If you need anything just let me know. Please look after me."

After bowing she waited for Chan to say something while the other boys greeted her back.

"I - There's something important I need to tell you all."

Minho, who hadn't really been paying attention and instead was doing some stretches to get ready for their last day of rehearsals, suddenly looked at Chan. Rose noticed as his eyes focused on the leader, obviously sensing that what Chan was about to say was important.

The other members just looked a little surprised, apart from Changbin and Felix who must have known what was about to happen. Rose glanced over at her soulmate out of the corner of her eye. He was tense as if he was forcing the words out of himself.

"Rose is my soulmate."

Hyunjin's face flew up to cover his mouth as he gasped, his eyes wide. He started to jump up and down while pointing at the couple with his other hand but ended up tripping and then staggered a bit before finding his balance.

"I knew it! I knew something was going on!"

Jisung's jaw dropped as he stared at his leader, then he turned to Minho as if to say, 'can you believe this?' The dancer was keeping his thoughts to himself as he studied the pair in front of him silently. He could sense an underlying tension between the soulmates, and it made him wary of Rose.

"Congratulations, Hyung! Welcome to the team, Noona!"

Changbin walked up to Chan and gave him a pat on the back and then smiled at Rose.

"Noona! You didn't tell me the job was working with Stray Kids! This is so great!"

A beaming Felix bounced in front of the two soulmates. He'd had a lot of time to get used to the idea, but he was happy that his closest Hyung had found his soulmate and the younger Aussie was glad that it was Rose. He knew Rose would be good for Chan.

"We've met you before..."

Jeongin had his head tilted to the side as he tried to figure out where he had seen Rose before. Seungmin stepped forwards.

"At the fan meeting. Have you known since then, Hyung?"

Chan shifted uncomfortably at the reminder that he had met his soulmate over a month ago and was only just saying something now.

"Yes, but we only talked properly yesterday, so this is still very new."

Why didn't you say anything back then?

Everyone was thinking the same thing, but none of them voiced the question out loud. They knew their leader must have his reasons and if he wanted them to know then he would tell them.

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