Hero's Soup

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"Hyung? Oh, hello, Rose-Noona."

At hearing someone in the apartment, Hyunjin came out of his room to see if it was Chan or Changbin who had come back home. After having a nice lie-in and whatever food they had in the kitchen for breakfast, the dancer had settled down to finish off a painting.

"Hey, Jinnie. I'm just picking up something for Chan. You've got the morning off?"

"Oh. Yeah."

Hyunjin blinked at Rose as she smiled warmly at him. It was a little jarring to see her in his home. He hadn't spent any time with Rose just the two of them before, so he felt a little awkward without anyone else around.

"What are you up to? Painting?"

"You know that I paint?"

"Of course! Your artwork is amazing. You're so talented."

"Really? Thank you, Noona."

Hyunjin was surprised. Rose was Chan's soulmate, and she was close friends with Felix, but he didn't think that she cared much about him outside of her job. However, he also wasn't blind. He had noticed how hard she worked to take care of the group. Whether it was her job or not, none of the other staff took such good care of them.

"Could I - Would you show me what you're working on?"


"Sorry, you don't have to."

"No! It's okay. You can see."

Hyunjin led Rose into his room where he had his easel set up. He had a lot of his work scattered around his room, on his desk and on the walls. She pointed to one of his most recent pieces.

"Wow! Ooh, it's the beach. Is that from our trip to Jeju?"


"The reflection on the water is beautiful. I love your technique."

"Do you paint, Noona?"

"I did art at school. Sometimes I sketch, but generally, the only painting I do nowadays is on people's faces. You make me want to pick up a paintbrush again."

"You should! What's your favourite medium?"

"Watercolours. I love the way they can have a mind of their own. As much as you try to control it, you never quite know how it will turn out. It's freeing."

"I like watercolours too. Although, I don't think I use them how they're supposed to be used."

"There's no right or wrong in art, but I know what you mean. Me too. Who cares as long as it works for you?"

"Maybe we could paint together sometime?"

"I'd love that. I'd suggest today, but I don't want to monopolise the rest of your morning. I'll find some time in your schedule, okay?"

"Don't you have to get back to Chan-Hyung?"

"Huh? Oh, he doesn't need this until later."

"Then... you can stay if you want.

"You sure? You really want to hang out with boring, old Noona on your morning off?"

"You're not boring Noona!"

What Hyunjin really wanted to say was that he had wanted to spend more time with her for a while. He had heard much about Rose from the others, especially Felix, and he wanted to get to know her better.

"If you're sure... what shall we draw?"

They ended up drawing each other. Hyunjin gave her a sketchpad and pencil and they sat facing each other silently as they worked. Rose asked if she could put on some music and the dancer laughed when she played her Stray Kids playlist.

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