Chapter 40: Stuck

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#DS6Unwavering #CirCoal #SharkFamily #DaggerSeries



Nag-angat ako ng mukha kay Coal bago natatawang ibinalik ko ang mga mata ko sa malaking cake na nasa harapan namin.

The wedding reception was held right on the beach as well. Mas malapit nga lang ang reception sa bahay kesa kung saan kami kinasal ni Coal kanina. The reception was located on the far left side of the beach house.

Thousands of lights hang above us, arranged to look like a canopy surrounding the whole area used for the party.

We already ate, the speeches were done, and there was a lot of dancing and singing. Now it's finally time to cut the cake that wasn't displayed here at the reception. I realized why when Coal and his brothers carried the giant cake out of the house. Unang beses kong makikita ang cake dahil isa iyon sa bagay na gusto ni Coal na siya na ang bahalang magpagawa.

I couldn't stop the giggle that bubbled out of me. "This is the goofiest cake I've ever seen." Ibinalik ko ang tingin ko sa cake na hindi ko alam kung matatawag nga na cake. The giant thing in front of us is made of layers of huge cookies. Each layer is separated by white cream frosting. It's topped by a bride and groom gingerbread cookies. "And I love it so much."

"Good. Because we made that."

I blinked at him. "What?"

"Mireia gave me the recipe, but my brothers and I baked that last night."

Magkakasama sila kagabi rito sa beach house. I thought the men would do something fun, like go out to drink.

Nagtatanong na nilingon ko ang mga kapatid niya. The four older Dawsons shrugged while Trace and Domino comically made Korean finger hearts.

Giggling, I looked up at my husband. Husband. It felt good to say that, even though it's been a week since he's been that officially to me. "Is there anything you can't do?"

"There is."


"Not loving you."

I pressed my lips together. For the first time in my life, I feel like I'm a teenager who's about to squeal loudly. Sa buong-buhay ko ata kay Coal ko lang naranasan na kiligin.

"You say the right things, Mr. Dawson." Inginuso ko ang nagpapanggap na cake sa harapan namin. "I want a taste of this giant thing."

Kinuha ni Coal and cake knife. "I'll let you taste another giant thing later," he winked.

Kinurot ko siya sa tagiliran na ikinatawa niya lang. He cut the cookie slash cake and put a piece on a dessert plate. It looks soft, and the center looks gooey with chocolate. Yum. When he turned around to get another plate, I entirely forgot about the tradition of the bride and groom feeding each other. I took a huge bite of the goodness I'm holding, a piece hanging out from my mouth, because I didn't expect how big the cut would be.

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