Chapter 23: Tattoo

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#DS6Unwavering #CirCoal #SharkFamily #DaggerSeries

A/N: Paalala lang mga kabayan. Hindi bed scenes ang focus ng kahit na anong mga series ko kahit na may mga libro ako na marami no'n katulad nitong Unwavering. Some scenes are intentionally omitted to keep what I think are more important. Most likely, if there's a bs already, there won't be another one close to it. Especially not in the same chapter. At kung papipiliin ako ng senaryo between bed scene o scene na kasama ng mga bida sa storyang ito ang Dawson fam, I'll choose the latter in a heartbeat.



"Is he giving anything?"

Nilingon ako ni Kuya Thorn na kanina ay pinapanood ang mga kaganapan sa kabilang panig ng salamin na harang. Dagger has always conducted meetings in the public conference room on the fourth floor. We also have one on the fifth floor that only my brothers and I use.

The secure interview room is a new addition. We decided to make use of the space on the ground floor, and we created three interrogation rooms. One of those is what we are using right now.

"No. Not yet at least." Binalik niya ang tingin sa one-way mirror kung saan may kausap na lalaki ang isa pa namin na kapatid na si Gun. "Even the voice detection processor is not detecting any lies in his answers."

"Did he give permission to access his phone and laptop?"

"He did."

My hands tightened into fists. "Maybe he's hiding something. Would he really hand over his devices easily?"

"He didn't want to, but Trace was granted the authorization to retrieve and access all his devices. He knew he couldn't refuse. Not without appearing guilty." Magkakrus ang mga braso na humarap siya sa akin. "We all know he's the most likely suspect to do this. He has motives. Nagpapadala pa rin siya ng email kay Circe kahit lahat iyon ay napupunta lang sa spam. I don't think Circe's even reading them because all the email this man sent was in that folder."

Eleazar Cabrera. He's the one who is currently being interrogated by my brother.

Footage showed a man who clearly knew how to hide his face from cameras approaching the hotel room.

"Axel is also restoring all his deleted messages and emails. The research team will sort them out, but I don't think they will find anything that can be connected to what's happening." Kuya Pierce looked up at me from his seat. "Nagpadala kami ng mga Bolster para bantayan ang kilos ni Eleazar at ang pamilya ni Circe. There's even someone watching Augustin Clément and those two in Siagao that you said showed some interest to Circe. Wala sa kanila ang may kakaibang kinikilos. They were all under watch yesterday and none of them were anywhere close at the hotel."

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