Chapter 33: Submerged

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#DS6Unwavering #CirCoal #SharkFamily #DaggerSeries



4:36 PM

I'm about to have a massive headache. The woman in front of me kept ranting about how she'd been treated terribly these past few days. Which I know is a lie because no matter how much she annoys any of my brothers or the other Dagger employees, no one here would do what she's accusing us of.


She must have heard the impatience in my tone because her eyes suddenly got filled with tears. "I'm so scared, Coal. I want to go home but they wouldn't let me. Wala naman akong ginawang masama."

She's right. Wala naman talaga siyang kinalaman sa mga nangyayari. She's a diversion. Which is why I want to get this over with.

"I was really happy when we started talking again." Her face softened and her lips trembled as if she were about to burst into tears. Something I hate seeing on her before, so I end up doing whatever she wants me to do. Now that I think of it, she used that fact to her advantage a lot. Buong relasyon ata namin ay nakakahanap siya ng bagay na iiyakan. I didn't message her in the morning? She'll cry. I didn't say that I love you back quickly? She'll cry. I gave her a gift, and it wasn't what she'd been hinting for me to give her? She'll cry. "I miss you, Coal. I've been thinking about you, and I regret breaking off things with you."

"Lorraine, the messages you thought we shared, it wasn't me you were talking to."

"But... but it's your number."

"We have a case that I can't talk about with you much. All you need to know is that my devices have been made vulnerable by a hacker, and it resulted in you being used against me. I never texted you." Nang bumuka ang bibig niya para magsalita ay mabilis na nagpatuloy ako. "We kept you here because we needed to make sure that you'll be safe once you go back home. You can leave today, and one of our employees will stay near your house to make sure that you will be fine, but your phone will stay with us. Ibabalik na lang namin kapag tapos na ang case."

"I-I don't understand. I thought you wanted me back," garalgal ang boses na bulong niya.

"Like I've said, it wasn't me that you were talking to."

Pumatak ang luha mula sa mga mata niya. "You love me."

This sucks. I hate that whoever is doing this has dragged her back into my life. I have no intention of hurting her. Wala akong balak na gumanti sa kaniya dahil nasaktan niya ako noon.

I just want everything to be over so I can go back to Circe. I would grovel if that is what she wants me to do. I'll do anything for her to forget about the kiss that I didn't want in the first place.

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