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The Mafia's Lost Daughter by everlastingpeace24
The Mafia's Lost Daughterby everlastingpeace24
Ella King. She is the daughter of a Mafia King all around the world. Making her the princess. She was kidnapped from her family seventeen years ago. She has lived in Eng...
  • surfer
  • highschool
  • daughter
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Skater Girl [COMPLETED] by djordi
Skater Girl [COMPLETED]by Clare Cassidy
-slowly editing- Hayley Graham is 17 and not your average high school teen. Okay, she enjoys shopping and wearing light makeup but take all that away, and you got a rock...
  • love
  • cute
  • djordi
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submerged » l.h {FINISHED} by irwinalive
submerged » l.h {FINISHED}by jerika
"but when she looked at him, he was like an ocean and she went back to the girl who couldn't swim." surfer!luke au #281 in fanfiction 12/6/15
  • surfer
  • luke
  • hemmings
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Seawater || ✔️ by peachparfait
Seawater || ✔️by Molly
WATTPAD FEATURED STORY Devin Harper has lived by the ocean her whole life. She has always relied on the saltwater to wash away her problems. Surfing is her escape, her d...
  • photography
  • surfer
  • lovestory
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// The Sky is up//  Teen beach movie by Cheshire--Cat
// The Sky is up// Teen beach Cheshire Who
Brady and Mack arrive at Brady's favourite movie, Wet side story. What will happen when Brady meets his dream girl?? Read this and find out.
  • biker
  • teen
  • skylar
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Tidepool (A Klance Surfer AU) by pinetreedragon
Tidepool (A Klance Surfer AU)by pinetreedragon
Lance lived on the coastal island of Altea, a peaceful place with great waves for surfing, and great people. Despite having an awesome home on land, he was always drawn...
  • surfer
  • voltronlegendarydefender
  • merman
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The Storm Ignites || Johnny Storm by X-Lisa-Anne-X
The Storm Ignites || Johnny Stormby Lisa Anne
Two years have gone by. Reed and Sue are getting married, Ben and Alisha are still happily together. As for June and Johnny; they were at their happiest - together and...
  • surfer
  • complete
  • sue
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Love's A Test by Works_Of_Words
Love's A Testby •Taylor•
When a normal girl that went from beach hair, tan lines, salty air, and "good vibes" experiences a move that turns out to be nothing at all like she thought. A...
  • smalltowns
  • gentleman
  • lovestory
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Surf || l.t by sea_beauty
Surf || l.tby Becca
*NOT EDITED* Mermaids they are just a myth. Wrong, because I am a mermaid, and so is the worlds favorite British-Irish boy band know as One Direction (Intro sucks, stor...
  • one
  • liam
  • surfer
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Finding Home {random updates} by LMareeApps
Finding Home {random updates}by L. Maree Apps
Elsie Baxter loves life in Australia. But following her mother's death, secrets from Elsie's past emerge. Deemed an illegal immigrant, she is sent to California to live...
  • humor
  • football
  • australian
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Waves (l.r.h) by ammango
Waves (l.r.h)by Ally M
Waves. Everyone has faced one. Everyone has sat helplessly before one, with the realization that there is no escape, no way around it. Everyone has had to hold their bre...
  • 5sos
  • hemmings
  • calum
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Ripples (Sequel to Seawater) by peachparfait
Ripples (Sequel to Seawater)by Molly
After much heartbreak, Cole and Devin are finally together again in California. But, will newly arising issues threaten to tear them apart?
  • surfer
  • cute
  • skaterboy
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Fall in May by DarrenDean1
Fall in Mayby SETTING_SUN
May Belle Grimm knows only too well that the hardest falls are the ones that happen when you aren't looking, and she has all the scars to prove it. But May is not your...
  • romance
  • blind
  • sisterhood
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Sunset ❁Luke Hemmings❁ by mackkb
Sunset ❁Luke Hemmings❁by mackkb
When Mickenna's parents divorce, she immediately sides with her mother, however, Mickenna's father has a beach house in Hawaii where he lives with his younger and blonde...
  • romance
  • hawaii
  • hemmings
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The moment Indie Michaels moves to her new house in Australia she anticipates it to be the longest and most boring summer anyone has ever had; little does she know a loc...
  • jamescharles
  • pregnancy
  • cute
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surfer guide  by surfxr
surfer guide by Alex
my life.
  • random
  • roleplay
  • surfer
Jay II *c.d* by cxrsxnx
Jay II *c.d*by cxrsxnx
"She's still the same Jay." Cameron Dallas makes his triumphant return to California, but will his refusal of admittance cause him to miss his chance?
  • fanfic
  • completed
  • surfer
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Reflection of Truth  by Tafi_Writer
Reflection of Truth by Safiya Shah
If you want to take a break from whatever you're doing then this story is what you need. It's an interesting short story that's pretty dark. It can be perceived in many...
  • surfer
  • reflectionoftruth
  • thoughts
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My Surfer Badboy by harryswonders
My Surfer Badboyby harryswonders
Ariella Hale was the shy quiet girl who fell for the popular surfing badboy. Read to find out what happens when Ariella moves away to Hawaii right next to a beach where...
  • young
  • teenagers
  • surf
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The one with a YouTuber and a surfer  by nikkolebaby
The one with a YouTuber and a Imageif_herron
WARNING: this is going to be a girlxgirl story, please don't read if you don't like it!! Rachel is a 17 year old youtuber and has been struggling with her sexuality for...
  • surfer
  • youtuber
  • girlxgirl
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