Stalked, His Obsession by rosesred16
Stalked, His Obsessionby Love
(currently undergoing editing and updates!) I gasped as the strange man stared intensely into my eyes. I had never met him before, yet his grey gaze held an extremely pa...
  • goodgirl
  • obsessed
  • innocent
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Plastic - Reed900 by Tockaa
Plastic - Reed900by Tockaa
A year has passed since the revolution. Gavin Reed is a detective at the DPD, and the androids had gained their rights. After he's assigned one as a partner, things get...
  • reed900smut
  • gavinreed
  • detective
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Insane QuizzzS by White_the_Wire
Insane QuizzzSby WHITE
Title speaks... Hey, welcome to your future head-ache and thanks to me for that. :) This book is just for fun. THE QUIZZES IN THIS ARE 100% MINE, so that means you can't...
  • fuckedup
  • detective
  • think
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Cypher by CathyWrites
Cypherby Cathy Perkins
HOLT Medallion Award ~ Best Novel with Strong Romantic Elements NATIONAL READER'S CHOICE ~ Best Novel with Strong Romantic Elements When a hitman kills the wrong pers...
  • suspense
  • familydynamic
  • financialmystery
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rectify|h.s. by delousional
rectify| <3
"forgive me for the sin i am about to commit, and forgive this sinner for all that has been committed. i must rectify the reprehensible immortality that has poisone...
  • detective
  • mystery
  • harrystyles
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Dream Catcher by SheHopes
Dream Catcherby Sandra Grayson
(BOOK I IN THE DREAM SERIES) Dani Deleon has a problem. With a single touch, she can see people's nightmares. When she starts to see the nightmares of a sadistic serial...
  • paranormal
  • murdermystery
  • thriller
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The Weapon-A Sherlock Fanfiction by ceceherondale
The Weapon-A Sherlock Fanfictionby cece
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were just on another case. A case in a secret government organization that is not what it seems. There they meet Jax, a sarcastic, indepe...
  • johnwatson
  • martinfreeman
  • deductions
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The Hitman by csouthard1s
The Hitmanby csouthard1s
Highest rank-#7 in action 4/23/18 If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does it really make a sound? If there's never a body, can there really be...
  • fighting
  • adventure
  • drama
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Undercover. (KBTBB) by Anna-Gibbons
Undercover. (KBTBB)by Anna
Aika Misaki is an undercover detective. Being assigned a case to investigate the hotel of Tres Spade with the possibility of illegal activity taking place at the first a...
  • police
  • kissedbythebaddestbidder
  • soryu
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The Black Fox (Jimmy X Reader) by DoloresMika
The Black Fox (Jimmy X Reader)by Dolores Mika
You are an average high school girl; shy, secretive, and highly intelligent. However, under the cover of night, you become the sarcastic, independent, and highly intelli...
  • jimmykudo
  • conan
  • detective
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The Fugitive by csouthard1s
The Fugitiveby csouthard1s
Sequel to The Hitman. The average human being walks past a murderer 36 times in their lifetime. One murder makes a villain. Millions, a hero. --- Nick Sievers is back...
  • shooting
  • adventure
  • fugitive
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You Are My Mystery (Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction) by agent_april
You Are My Mystery (Sherlock April Marie
#5 in #sherlock She finally moved out of her adopted house. See, being a sociopath, people tend to not like you. That also includes her birth parents. At the age of ten...
  • john
  • moriarty
  • bbc
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Dream Hunter by SheHopes
Dream Hunterby Sandra Grayson
(BOOK III IN THE DREAM SERIES) With a single touch, Dani Deleon has always been able to see the nightmares of others. When she starts seeing a cloaked figure in all of...
  • stalking
  • detective
  • paranormal
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pastel prince ; phan by sandsmarks
pastel prince ; phanby mikayla/colin
[pastel dan/punk phil] dan howell; an internet sensation, blogger and self proclaimed 'pastel prince'. phil Lester; the mastermind behind the city, technical crime-lord...
  • danhowell
  • phanfic
  • mikookoo
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The Secret Admirer |BL| by OmnipotentSadist
The Secret Admirer |BL|by Nic M. Lachowski
|LGBT ROMANCE| When Marcus Berkley discovers that he has a secret admirer, he isn't quite too sure how to react. Surely, the affection held won't go unnoticed and surel...
  • admirer
  • firm
  • love
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The Untold Story by fatfaceheart
The Untold Storyby fatfaceheart
Ignorance truly is bliss. The shocking murder of media mogul, Henry Bandieer, sparks chaos in the small town of Pinehive. And when twenty-two year old Natasha Evans beco...
  • killer
  • mystery
  • death
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Meliorism » Evan Buckley by lost-inorbit
Meliorism » Evan Buckleyby cøøl dad
mel•io•rism noun The belief that the world can be made better by human effort
  • justinbieber
  • henriettawilson
  • firefighters
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The Rubys by AyeChanSint
The Rubysby A. Chan
'Rubies are red. Sapphires are blue. Beware of the Ruby women, they will ruin you.' * The Rubys are notorious fo...
  • billionaires
  • badboy
  • romance
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E N T H R A L | ✓ by awishgrantingfactory
E N T H R A L | ✓by awishgrantingfactory
⌈ ENTHRAL verb ❛capture the fascinated attention of.❜ ⌋ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ✾ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ Six months after graduation, twenty-two-year-old Skyl...
  • newadult
  • enthral
  • projectbadassboys
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love? [ r e e d 9 0 0 ] by gabsisgay
love? [ r e e d 9 0 0 ]by gabs
" l o v e i s a h u m a n e m o t i o n c o n a n . " - my love for this ship grew too much to not write a fic, enjoy.
  • detroitbecomehuman
  • reed900smut
  • love
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