Chapter 8: Us

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#DS6Unwavering #CirCoal #SharkFamily #DaggerSeries



The smile that spread on Circe's lips when I walked inside the house is something that I would trade my soul for. And when my daughter's voice calling me reached me and the replica of his mother's smile could be seen on her face, I would have traded my life for it right there and then.

Kaise waved at me as if we hadn't seen each other for a long time. Ilang oras lang akong nawala dahil nag set up ako ng security system sa Sand Dollar. The owner, Carson, and I talked during Kaise's party, and he told me that he's been looking for one. I offered to help since I know that Kaise and Circe usually go to his restaurant.

Kumikinang ang mga mata na lumapit sa akin si Circe habang karga si Kaise. "Hi."


"You're right on time."

Sa pagtataka ko ay basta na lang niyang inilipat sa akin si Kaise na kaagad namang sumama sa akin. Distracted by her beautiful smile, I just noticed that she's wearing light makeup and that her hair is neatly pulled back away from her face. She's also wearing a simple midnight blue dress that seems casual, except it's a skin-tight one that doesn't hide any of her curves.

"I prepared her clothes for the night, and I already set up her baby vids so you can just play them if you want to watch them. Nakahanda na rin ang pagkain ni Kaise na iinit mo na lang. Nakapagluto na rin ako ng para sa'yo. If you want cookies, you know where to get them. Huwag mo na nga lang bigyan ang bulinggit na 'yan dahil nakakain na siya. I don't want to deprive her of the good things in life, a.k.a. chocolate, but I try to limit it since she's still a baby."

Tinuro ng bata ang sarili. "Babi Sese."

"Yes, you are my babi Sese." Kinintalan ni Circe ng halik ang tuktok ng batana napahagikhik bago siya muling bumaling sa akin. "You have my number kaya kung may problema tawagan mo lang ako. Nakadikit din sa fridge ang number ni Tala though I doubt makakasagot siya since busy 'yon sa competition at iba ang oras nila kesa sa atin, may number din ng Sand Dollar, and Levi's coffee shop."

"You're going somewhere?" I asked.



Parehas kaming napatingin kay Kaise. My eyes returned to Circe, and I forced myself to bury the rage that had started to bubble out of me. Anger that is not directed at her but at the man she's about to meet. Maybe I should warn my brothers, just in case they need to bail me out of prison.

It's irrational. It's not like we have a relationship. Something that she casually likes to remind me of. But she's mine. Even if she's the only one who doesn't know that fact.

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