Chapter 1: Forget

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#DS6Unwavering #CirCoal #SharkFamily #DaggerSeries

A/N: Thank you Tala Fuentebella Delloro na nanood ng FB live ko at nag-suggest ng couple name nila Circe at Coal, at kay Natasha Blanche para sa official spirit animal for Unwavering. Hartuhartu!



"So your name is Circe. Pronounced as Ser-si. Tunog sexy. Bagay sa'yo. Parang tayo."

"Wow." The woman didn't need to say anything anymore because the disgusted look on her face says it all. "How poetic."

"Right? I'm a master of pick-up lines."

Gusto kong matawa. I don't think the man heard the sarcasm in the woman's tone.

Tumaas ang kilay ng babae. "So you're trying to pick me up?"

"You look like you're up for a good time. Want to get out of here?"

"I'm good here," she dismissively said. "If you don't mind, I want to enjoy my drink."

The man, as expected, didn't catch the woman's obvious intention. Halata naman kasing gusto ng putulin ng babae ang usapan.

"I have more drinks in my hotel room."

"No thanks."

"Why not? Mas mag-e-enjoy ka ro'n. I'll let you taste all the expensive drinks I brought with me." He ran the back of his hand along the woman's arms, and she immediately moved away from his touch. "As long as you'll also let me have a taste too."

"Does that really work? Your lines? Pick-up lines are so archaic, not to mention creepy. Why don't you hold a proper conversation with someone first before trying to get inside their pants? Talking is not a requirement to fuck, but at least start with the basics so that you won't end up taking a psycho with you and for a woman to also feel comfortable enough to spread their legs for you without the fear of ending up dead in a ditch."

Nawala ang ngiti ng lalaki at sandaling napatunganga siya sa babae.

I shook my head. I don't envy the awkward position that this man has brought himself to. It's his fault anyway. She clearly didn't want to be bothered, but he was too dimwitted to notice it. I mean, come on? Ganoon ba kahirap makita kapag hindi interesado sa'yo ang taong kausap mo?

Kanina pa ako nakikinig sa kanila. Aksidente ko lang narinig ang pag-uusap nila dahil kadadating ko lang at lumapit ako sa outdoor beach bar na narito para sana bumili ng alak. The woman was sitting alone when a man approached her. They weren't even five minutes into the conversation when the man commented about her name while eye-fucking her. I don't even think the man's eyes lingered much on her face because they were fixed on her body. His loss. Her face is too beautiful not to look at.

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