Chapter 14

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Chapter Fourteen...

I knocked when I reached his mother’s room and before I knew it the door opened and I was pulled quickly inside almost falling on my face. Lily laughed when she saw my face but then pulled me toward a table and mirror set up with a makeup artist and hair stylist working on someone with black hair. Something about this person seemed familiar and when she turned toward me I felt myself scream in delight.

“Nika!!!” I said rushing forward, I had never been so happy to see someone in my entire life.

“The one and only.” she replied standing and striking a pose.

“Why are you here, and when did you get here?” I asked, my excitement making me sound like a 13 year old girl who had just seen their favorite pop star.

“Well Queen Lily called my father and requested my attendance for a ball in honor of you and I was thrilled to accept. I arrived here this morning and I wanted nothing more then to go wake you up and surprise you but seeing your face just now was worth the wait.” She replied and then took her seat back in the makeup chair letting the women go back to work on her. We chatted while each of us took our turn in the chair getting all dolled up for the ball, me being last since I wasn’t too happy with being caked with makeup anyway. By the time our hair and makeup was done it was 7:30pm and I was already slightly tipsy from the champagne they had been serving us all afternoon. The ball started in a half hour and I still had to put on my dress. I guess I looked anxious as I stared at my dress because Lily came up behind me squeezing my right shoulder.

“Sweetie don’t look at the clock, you’re royalty now. The people will always wait for you, besides your going to look so stunning they won’t know what hit them. And when my son sees you in that dress he’s never going to think about arguing with you again.” she whispered in my ear and I laughed. The thought of Kai never arguing with me again was funny but also made me a little sad. I sometimes liked arguing with him, when he got angry the violet in his eyes seemed to shimmer and he looked super sexy. I knew I was blushing when I thought about Kai looking sexy but at this moment I didn’t care. So I grabbed my dress and walked in the bathroom and slipped in on and turned to look in the mirror knowing I looked just as beautiful in it as I remembered. When I walked out of the bathroom Nika was standing there in her purple gown and she looked very pretty. I almost felt a little insecure but I think the champagne had really gotten to my head.

“Wow Ali you look amazing, its sexy yet sophisticated, you look like a woman.” Nika commented and I smiled and whispered thanks to her. Lily walked over and took my one wrist and put a thin silver bangle on my wrist that had emeralds in it that matched my eyes.

“This is actually your mother’s. I borrowed it for a party a few weeks before her disappearance and never gave it back and for this moment I am very happy I never did. But don’t cry sweetie, she would not want you to be sad.” She said and I nodded, I knew if I spoke at this very moment I would start sobbing.

    We had made our way out of Lily’s bedroom and down the hall to the south western corridor where the ballroom was which also doubled as a giant conference room for Ezra when he had meetings for his kingdom. We were each going to take our turns going down the ballroom steps making an entrance, the only person who would be introduced would be the Queen because I had begged her not to embarrass me like that and she finally agreed. Yet if I wouldn’t take an introduction she was going to go before me and make everyone wonder who would dare enter behind the Queen. So one of the guards opened the double doors for Nika to make her entrance, her appointed date Ayden was waiting for her at the bottom and she smiled as he linked arms with her. They stepped back and stood there with everyone else waiting for the Queen’s entrance. The Queen was announced by one of the guards and then she descended the stairs. She looked so regal and magical that she kind of took my breath away. I hoped one day I could command attention like that and feel that sure of myself. When she reached the bottom she kissed her husband and then turned to await my descent. I took a deep breath and stepped through the doors and began my descent on the stairs. I felt myself shaking until I stopped looking down at my feet and looked up to suddenly meet Kai’s eyes. His mouth was open slightly and I almost laughed at his expression because he looked so completely stunned. When I reached the bottom step he was right there standing in front of me, he took my hand in his and leaned forward kissing my cheek.

“Liv you looked so amazing that I am completely and utterly speechless.” he said softly makes tingles run down my spine.

“Well those sound like words to me.” I replied with a smirk and he laughed lightly shaking his head. He led me onto the dance floor and asked me if I wanted to dance and I agreed. I have never been to a ball or even a dance for that matter and I wanted to have the full experience, besides at this moment I wanted nothing more then to share this experience with Kai. We danced for about three songs which was nice, we talked without fighting and he made me laugh a couple times which caused some of the people dancing near us to give me some odd looks. He led me off the dance floor and we got drinks, he handed me a glass of champagne and he got a glass of red wine.

“You don’t drink red wine because there’s blood in there right? I mean I know technically you have vampire blood in you.” I said and he almost spit out the wine he had in his mouth.

“Alivia I may technically be part vampire but I am not and have never drank blood, I told you my dominant side is my shifter side.” he replied and I blushed feeling silly for even asking. He leaned down and kissed my cheek making me blush even more, I swear all this blushing had to do with the champagne. We drank and then got something to eat and then starting dancing again. When a really slow song came on he pulled me really close and I felt my breath catch in my throat. The last time I had been this close to him was the night I kissed him. Maybe I should stop drinking around him before I ended up in more trouble then I could handle. Halfway through the song he leaned down nuzzling his face in my neck, he kissed the part of my neck that just met my shoulder and I felt myself shiver. He pulled away slowly and whispered, “When I claim you that is where I will place my mark. One day you will be mine and all mine for eternity. And before you say anything Liv I need you to listen to me. I don’t care how long you make me wait, I’ll wait forever but one day you will wear my mark and one day I will wear yours and you’ll be my wife, my Queen and the mother of my children. All I’m waiting for is for you to say when…” he whispered into my ear making my whole body feel like it was on fire. I just stood there frozen staring into his amazing silver and violet eyes that were once again shimming violet. I placed my hand on his cheek and all I said was, “Dance with me…” Before I could even blink he hand me floating across the dance floor. Everyone seemed to watching us which would have made me uncomfortable any other time but I was to busy staring at the man in front of me to care about them.

    I felt like we danced forever but I didn’t care I felt like I was floating on a cloud and I’m sure the champagne helped me with that feeling. Yet finally a little after 1:00am I pleaded with Kai to escort me to my room so I could get some sleep especially since I had not slept very well the previous night. He smiled and started leading me up the stairs that would take up back up towards the bedrooms. He was kind of a long walk from the ballroom to my bedroom and I was glad he was there to help me otherwise I don’t think I would have made it, I would have just laid down in the hallway and went to sleep or found some random guest room. When we reached my bedroom I pushed the door open almost tripping over my dress but Kai caught me. I walked over to my dresser and placed my mothers bangle down, not wanting anything to happen to it. That bangle was the only thing I had of my mother, I didn’t even have a memory to hold onto so that bangle meant the world to me. I turned back to see Kai leaning in the door way, he had taken his bow tie off and unbuttoned the jacket on his tux. I couldn’t help but stare, he had never looked so sexy in his life. I tried to get a grip on my emotions but I couldn’t and I didn’t want to blame the champagne or the mate connection right now. These were my feelings and I just didn’t know what to do with them. He stepped forward and kissed my forehead and whispered goodnight and started walking toward the door. I felt myself panicking because I knew if he walked out that door I would lose this confidence I had suddenly embraced.

“When.” I said breathlessly. He froze in his steps instantly and didn’t turn around right away and I almost felt like he was going to keep walking or that he didn’t understand what I was saying. He turned around slowly to face me not moving from the doorway he stood in.

“What did you just say?” he asked slowly almost like he was giving me a chance to change my mind.

“I said when, and I swear Kai Montgomery if you reject me right now I won’t forgive you. I’m saying when, I want you right now and I want to wear your mark and I want to be yours so please” I replied my voice almost cracking, but before I could say or do anything else he was holding me against him kissing me like his life depended on it.

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