Chapter 37

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*** this is the last chapter of Unknown History i want to thank everyone for reading, commenting and voting it means the world to me!!***

Chapter Thirty Seven...

               It had been 2 weeks since Kylie had been born and Kai was still completely obsessed with her. He hadn’t gone on any trips no matter how important his father made it sound. My parents had been here with Scott last week to meet their first grandchild and it had been good to see them. I hadn’t seen them my entire pregnancy and it felt good to be hugged and taken care of by my parents.
    Lily came by often but Kai had thankfully revoke her key privileges since he found out she was the reason for my early delivery. She had finally stopped talking about the wedding since her dreams of keeping tradition were now out the window which actually made me really happy. Although I had promised Kai a wedding within the next six months so once Kylie was one month old I was going to start planning.
    It was amazing that my life was this perfect and I was only 18, sure it had been a really rough year for me but this made it worth it, Kylie made it all worth it. So one night when I was just sitting on the couch holding my daughter I felt suddenly sick and there was pain in all my joints.

“Kai take her!” I yelled.

“Why what’s wrong?” he asked coming into the room.

“Please take her!” I said standing and quickly putting her safely in his arms.

“Liv tell me what’s going on?” he asked starting to panic.

“I-I think I’m shifting!” I choked out feeling fear take me over.

“Oh god, right now?” he asked and pulled out his cell phone.

“Yes right now!” I said panicking. He was suddenly talking very fast to someone on the other line and within a minute there was knocking on the front door.

Ava and Gavin came running in, and Gavin was holding baby Gage. I was wondering why Kai had called them until he handed Kylie over to Ava.

“Can you please just stay here with her until we come back?” Kai asked the two of them and they both nodded their heads and he then turned back to me and picked me up bridal style.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked.

“To the woods, your shifting and you need your mate to shift.” he said and continued carrying me out the back door and then started running for the tree line. Once we were deep enough into the woods where all I could see was trees he placed me on the ground gently. He kept whispering kind encouraging words in my ear making the pain a little bit more tolerable. I felt like my body was burning from the inside out and my bones kept popping and shifting and it was pure misery. I had even lost any concept of time but Kai just sat beside me patiently continuing to try and make me feel better. I don’t think anything could actually make me feel better at this point this was absolute torture, I would choose giving birth over shifting for the first time any day.

“You’re almost there.” I heard his whispered and I just groaned but I think it came out more like a whimper. Finally I felt one last sharp pain in my spine and then I blacked out.
    When I came to Kai was sitting there with a big grin on his face and he was staring at me as if I was the most beautiful thing in the world. I went to talk but a bark came out instead.

“Your still in wolf form.” he said still not taking his eyes off me. I whimpered a bit not sure on how or when I would be able to change back.

“You’ll be like this for another couple hours and then you’ll need to call on your human to come back. I’ll help you through it so don’t worry. By the way you are the most beautiful wolf I have ever seen your this amazing bronze color I have never seen.” he said and reached out and pet me and I couldn’t help but purr. He chuckled at my reaction especially since he had probably expected me to bite him instead.

“Do you want to go for a run with me?” he asked and I barked happily and he chuckled and started taking his clothes off so he could shift. Within seconds he was his large black wolf which was much bigger then my tiny bronze colored wolf. I nuzzled against his legs and he came and nuzzled my neck licking where he knew his mark was. I smiled to myself and then started running through the woods and he quickly followed. I was a lot faster then him but I wasn’t very coordinated so I ran into a lots of things and he would just shake his head at me and wait for me to get back to my feet. I guess I was a clumsy wolf, but unlike him this wasn’t my dominate side my witch was.
    After running together for three hours I finally laid down on a grassy patch and whimpered. I wanted to change back, I wanted to go home and hold my daughter and then go to sleep. He nudged me and looked in the direction we came from and nodded realizing he wanted me to go back to where we started; so we wouldn’t have to walk all the way back in human form. I followed him tiredly as we walked back to the location I had shifted in. He shifted first and put on his pants and shoes and kept his shirt ready for me since I would be naked. Then he started talking me through my shift.

“Ok just visualize your human self, remember your hair your eyes your body and just let that take over.” he said calmly and I closed my eyes and started to picture myself. It took a lot of concentration by suddenly I felt my body start shifting back, it was almost painless. It almost felt as if you were stretching the day after heavy exercise. Finally when I was back in my human body he pulled his shirt over my naked body and leaned down and gave me a deep passionate kiss.

“You should kiss me like that more often.” I whispered into his ear.

“Oh really, well in that case why don’t we hang out in the woods a little bit longer…” he suggested.

“As amazing as that sounds we owe it to our friends to get back home and care for Kylie. I’m sure they’d like to get home and get some sleep.” I answered.

“I guess your right, rain check?” he ask hopeful.

“Sure just get a babysitter.” I said and started walking back to the house. He chuckled and started following me back. When we got back to the house the first thing I did was go get my daughter from her crib where she had been sleeping peacefully. She opened her eyes for a second and smiled and then went back to sleep, I almost wished she would stay this small forever. Kai walked in the nursery smiling and I handed Kylie over to him before he gave me those puppy dog eyes, he was so in love with her that it melted my heart.
    It was  4 ½ months later and it was my wedding day. I couldn’t believe I was finally getting married, but I had promised Kai we would do this within the 6 months after the birth of our daughter so here I was. A beautiful white lace gown that sparkled in the sunlight. I wasn’t wearing a veil but I was wearing the damn crown Lily had insisted I wear since it was “tradition”. I have to admit ever since Kylie was born Lilly and I had been able to start repairing our relationship to what it had been pre-wedding talk. It was nice to have her back to normal instead of the crazy “wedding tradition” mother in law to be she had been. Kai still held a small grudge against her for causing me to have Kylie early but I had let it go within weeks after the birth. I was too happy to have my daughter and to no longer be pregnant to really care that she had been 3 weeks early. So here I was waiting to walk down the aisle to finally marry my mate and I was beyond thrilled. Everyone always talks about being nervous before the walk down the aisle but I was just excited, I already considered myself married to Kai since he marked me so this really was just a formality.

“Are you ready?” Becka asked.

“I’ve always been ready.” I answered and she smiled. Her and Ava helped make sure I looked perfect and then handed me my bouquet of yellow roses. The music began and they began their walk down the aisle and then I followed. As soon as I entered the room my eyes instantly met Kai’s and he had the biggest smile on his face I almost laughed. I kept walking never breaking my gaze from his, when I reached the end of the aisle I handed my flowers to Ava and then took Kai’s hands in mine.

“So I hear you both wrote your own vows?” the preacher asked and we nodded. I pulled out a piece of paper that I wish I would have been able to fit all my feelings on but I didn’t want to be standing here all day.

“Kai, my love, my mate, my everything. It took me days to try and figure out how to write down my feelings since we all know I am not very good at expressing much besides anger and sarcasm…” I started and I heard light laughter from the crowd.

“…Since the day I met you I knew you would always hold a special place in my heart and am so glad to be standing here before you about to become your wife. I don’t think I could have asked for a more loving and understanding mate and am glad that fate chose you. I promise to love and cherish you till the day I die and I’d promise to love you through sickness and in health and richer or poorer but we all know you’re never going to get sick and that you’re a prince so I don’t really see the point…” I joked and he laughed.

“…What I will promise you is to make you the happiest man alive and giving you as many children as I possibly can. I promise to always value you love and most of all to always be yours.” I said and felt a stray tear fall and hit the paper in my hand. He then took out his paper and started to read.

“To my mate and the mother of my child. I knew getting you down that aisle would be the greatest accomplishment in my life and well my mothers…” everyone laughed and then he continued.

“… I think fate chose the only woman in the world I could ever possibly love and I thank the moon goddess everyday that you were chosen for me. I hope to spend the rest of my life loving and laughing with you and enjoying the life we build together. I promise to love you no matter what and follow you on any adventure you so choose. Liv you make me the happiest man alive and I cannot wait to spend forever with you.” he finished and now there were more tears that I couldn’t stop. The preacher cleared his throat and then finished the ceremony.

“Do you Kai take Alivia to be your wife?”

“I do.”

“Do you Alivia take Kai to be your husband?”

“I do.”

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride.” he announced and everyone stood up and cheered and Kai kissed me. I was now Mrs. Montgomery and I couldn’t be happier. I now had everything I had ever wanted, a mate, a beautiful baby, a amazing gigantic house, and I wasn’t human. I know that last one seems weird but I had always wished I wasn’t just a plain stupid human and I guess I got more than I bargained for.
    The reception went on for the hours when finally Kai and I finished dancing. He pulled me over to the side and gave me a passionate kiss.

“I’m so happy to finally be able to call you my wife.”

“Good because I like calling you my husband. So who’s watching Kylie?” I asked.

“My mother, she said she feels like she doesn’t get enough time with her since we both don’t like sharing her.” he said with a light laugh.

“Which is true, I have to steal her from you most of the time. I swear its like you believe she belongs to you and only you.” I said and kissed his cheek.

“My love, I have been waiting over 200 years for a child  and now that I have one and a healthy one at that I’m not taking my eyes off her.”

“Kai one day she is going to grow up and we’re going to have to learn to let go…” I said sadly.

“She can date when she’s 100.” he growled and I laughed.

“As amazing as that sounds we can’t stop her, she has to find her mate so she can be just as happy as we are. Then we can eventually have grandchildren and just spoil them rotten.” I said and a happy smile made its way to his perfect lips which I leaned in and kissed.

“That sounds nice doesn’t it? Growing old together and becoming grandparents and just watching our family grow happily.”

“It sounds more then nice, it sounds perfect…” I whispered.

    Kai and I had been married for 6 ½ months and it was now Kylie’s first birthday. We were throwing a huge party and everyone was here. She was walking and already saying mommy and daddy and she just very recently learned the word no which was driving me insane. She said no to everything and she seemed to be stubborn like me but she was more mild tempered like Kai, which I was secretly grateful for. My parents and brother Scott had flown in from California and were bearing some extremely large gifts. I was so excited to see them since I hadn’t seen them since the wedding, but they quickly said hello to me and then went to steal my daddy from another relative so they could spend some time with her. That’s when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder and I whipped around to see who it was.

“Jake!!!” I squealed throwing myself into his arms.

“Its good to see you too Ali.” he said through his laughter and I continued to squeeze him tightly.

“I haven’t even spoken to you in 3 months what the hell little brother?” I questioned.

“I’ve been a little busy… I met my mate…” he admitted shyly.

“Oh my gosh that’s amazing Jake why didn’t you tell me?” I asked confused at why he wouldn’t call the second he found out.

“Well it turns out she’s a fairy. I know its not super weird considering we are part fairy because of our mother but it took awhile for me to accept it. My wolf is very dominate in me so I figured my mate would be a shifter, not that my wolf cares that my mate is a fairy but I didn’t know how to tell other people.” he explained nervously.

“Seriously Jake, I’m the princess I am technically part everything. I even am part vampire which I think is a little bit weirder then the whole fairy thing, besides we’d accept whoever your mate was. Well unless she was evil like our parents then I’m sorry we’d have to discuss a way to perform an exorcism or something.” I joked and he laughed.

“I knew you’d be understanding, it just took me awhile to tell my pack so I was busy sorting through all that crap.” he explained and I nodded knowing what he meant. Shifters were not very accepting to other species of supernatural’s so telling your pack that your mate was a fairy probably was really difficult especially being a new member of the pack.

“So where is my little niece?” he asked looking around.

“Oh with my family, I think my mother is probably putting more bows and ribbons in her hair.” I said waving my hand in the air dismissively.

“Well I guess I better go say hello to Kai and then make my way over to Kylie.”

“Sounds like a plan, see you later.” I called and continued to greet some more of the guests. I continued to play the role of hostess for the next couple hours till we served the cake and opened presents and then everyone started to head home. Jake and my parents were going to spend the weekend at the palace. I had offered them rooms in my house but they declined saying Lily and Ezra had graciously asked them to stay with them. I knew they all loved staying at the palace with all the help and good food, not that I hadn’t learned to cook but I could see the perks in staying there.
    I started cleaning up from the party when Kai came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned in and kissed my mark. It still gave me tingles down my spine when he did that. I was truly a blessed woman, I had more then I ever needed or deserved.

“Why don’t you leave the mess I’ll have someone else worry about it tomorrow. You’ve been up since 5am getting everything ready and after spending an entire day with 300 people I think you deserve a break.” he said giving me another kiss.

“You really think I deserve a break after all that?” I teased and he nodded while biting his lip.

“As long as your spending that break with me, now come on let’s get to bed.” he replied.

“What about Kylie?” I asked.

“Jake put her to bed 30 minutes ago. I tried to insist that I would do it but she was so happy in his arms and she kind of guilt tripped him into doing it sooo I let him.” he replied and shrugged his shoulders.

“She really loves her uncle Jake, I’m glad. So let’s get to bed.” I said and led him into the house.

“Can we not sleep and try for baby number two?” he asked and I could tell he was slightly nervous.

“Are you ready for baby number two?” I asked surprised.

“Yes, I am definitely ready for baby number two so what do you think?” he asked.

“I say we practice and see what happens.” I purred and led him upstairs to the bedroom.

    In the middle of the night I woke up from a terrible nightmare about my biological mother and it shook me to my core. She had waving to me from the edge of the tree line in my back yard and it had really freaked me out. I sat up in bed trying to erase the image from my mind when I thought I heard singing coming for down the hall where Kylie’s room was. I got up and started walking down the hall when it got louder and it didn’t sound like one of the musical toys in her room but it did sound beautiful but…threatening. I raced in the room to see an image of my mother slowly dissipating from next to the crib but not before she sang the last bit of a lullaby…

    …Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall
And down will come baby, cradle and all…

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