Chapter 30

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Chapter Thirty...

I entered the cabin and smiled when I saw there was a small fire burning. Its not that it was cold outside in fact it was kind of warm but it was the hominess that it created.

“You knew I was coming?” I asked confused, I had just decided this less then and hour ago.

“I had a feeling that I would be seeing you very soon.” she answered and led my into the kitchen and started pulling out stuff to make us some food.

“Is it because you know I have a temper and that my mate still hasn’t learned that about me?” I joked and she laughed.

“No because Joe has been keeping me informed on what’s going on within most of the packs along with the kingdom and lets just say I know you well. I know no matter what is standing in your way your not going to give up without a fight.”

“So you know why I’m here?” I asked.

“Not exactly but I think you’re here to ask for my help.”

“You would be right, I don’t know if you will be able to help me but I’m really hoping you can.” I said, suddenly feeling like my idea was stupid. What I was about to ask her I didn’t even think was possible but if she wasn’t able to do this then I wouldn’t be able to do what I had planned.

“So ask away.” she replied and then gave me her full attention.

“Is it possible for you to create a protection spell for my baby?” I ask and then waited impatiently for her answer. At first she said nothing but she seemed to be concentrating.

“It depends on what you mean by protection. The only thing I think would work would be to do a barrier spell so anything that affects you would not affect the baby. It would only last about 48 hours so I don’t know if that would be enough for you.” she mused out loud.

“That’s all I would need.” I said quickly hoping she wouldn’t change her mind.

“You do understand what you doing right? I don’t want you to make a decision you’re going to regret but if your sure about it I’ll do it.” she replied and I nodded, I needed her to protect the baby just long enough for me to go after my father. I knew where he was and I knew I was strong enough to take him down once and for all. I just needed enough time to take care of him and then find my mother. I was hoping that she was still alive I was almost counting on it.

“When do you want to do this?” She asked.

“In about 3 days, I need some time to get my plan all figured out. I didn’t really want to plan everything till I knew you could help. Claire I don’t think you know how much it means to me to have you helping me again.” I gushed and she gave me a hug.

“Just remember not to tell that mate of yours that I was the one to help you with this crazy idea you’ve cooked up.”

“You don’t think I can do it?” I asked suddenly doubting myself.

“Alivia I know you can do it, I’m just questioning why now. Why can’t you wait till after the baby is born?” she asked the concern in her voice was comforting.

“He wants the baby and I’m afraid that if I wait and the baby is born that he will get that chance. It would only take a small slip in security for him to get a hold of my child and that would kill me. I knew what it was like being captured by him and it was one of the most terrifying things in my life. I don’t want to take a chance and allow him even the opportunity, so I need to do this now and I know Kai wouldn’t understand which is why I came to you. I want to take every precaution to protect my baby which is why I came to you before I went to stop my father.”

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