Chapter 22

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Chapter Twenty Two....

When I returned to the living room in the comfy plaid flannel pajamas she handed me a cup of hot chocolate which brought a smile to my face.
“Thanks.” I said taking to cup.
“I have your clothes drying in the dryer they should be done in 40 minutes, but you are welcome to stay the night.” she said and she took a seat on the floral love seat by the fire.
“I really don’t want to impose on you, I feel so rude by coming here this late and knocking on your door.” I replied while I stood in front of the fire feeling it chasing my chills away.
“Your not imposing, besides its nice to have some company.” She replied.
“You live here alone?” I asked surprised. I wouldn’t be brave enough to live alone in the woods.
“No, my husband lives here with me but he travels a lot for business.” she answered.
“Oh, what does he do?”
“He works for Alpha Harrison. He goes around to other packs discussing any relevant news like rogue sightings and such things.”
“How did you know I knew about shifters?” I asked startled, maybe I had picked the wrong cabin to knock on.
“There’s no reason to worry dear, I’m a witch and I can sense things about people. Like I knew the moment I laid eyes on you that you carry a lot of power in that tiny body of yours.”
“So you don’t know who I am?” I asked nervously.
“By looking at you no, but I saw your mark and I know that name. So I am aware that you are Alivia York, mate of Prince Kai. I also am aware that you were captured recently but were able to escape all on your own. I’m assuming you’ve learned to use a few of your powers.”
“Yes…” I whispered not sure whether I was in danger or if she would be able to help me.
“My name is Claire Flynn and you have no reason to fear me my dear, I mean you no harm.”
“Are you going to turn me in to the Alpha and my mate?” I asked nervously.
“Not unless you want me to, in fact I would like to help you with those powers of yours. I know you’ve only been able to unlock a few and only been able to use them at a low level, I can help you unlock the rest and strengthen all of them.” she replied and I smiled. Who knew my random walk in the woods would turn into the best decision in my life within the past couple of weeks. If this woman could really help me with my powers I might be able to help myself get out of some of the trouble I was in. I knew my powers couldn’t help me with my love life but if I could get rid of my biological father and his minions I wouldn’t have to run and hide.
“How can you help me with my powers?” I asked slightly skeptical of her claim.
“Like I said I’m a witch, and part of my abilities is to be able to detect the strength and type of power another being possesses. All I need to say about you young lady is you are basically 1 million tons of dynamite packed tightly in one small package.” she replied and we both laughed. My laughter sounded strange to my own ears, it was something that hadn’t happened lately and that made me sad. It reminded me of my time in Texas with Kai but he was the last thing I needed to think about at the moment. First I needed to deal with my father and possibly try and track down my mother and then maybe I might be ready to deal with Kai.
“Well can you tell me what other powers I have?” I asked intrigued.
“Sure thing sweetie. Not only can you control and possess the elements which goes far past what you’ve been using them for but you can control and manipulate the weather and it doesn’t end there. You have telekinesis and that teleportation thing you can do which I call blinking because it happens in the blink of an eye, and last but never least you have what I call energy manipulation. What I mean by that is you can take the energy from anything around you and use it almost like an electric pulse or force. The other great thing about you is you have a wolf and your part fairy. Your wolf will slow your aging but the fairy will stop your aging completely when you turn 25. The teleporting power is also a fairy trait not a witch trait and fairies also can bewitch people but its harder then it sounds.” she explained.
“I have a wolf? Then shouldn’t I be able to shift?”
“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait till your 18 or until you are no longer pregnant.” she said and shrugged. As soon as that last word left her lips I felt my heart skip a beat or two and my mouth instantly went dry.
“D-did you j-just say preg…pregnant?” I stuttered hoping I had misheard her.
“Oh dear you didn’t know?” she said and put her hand over her mouth as if she could take back what she said.
“I can’t possibly be pregnant!” I choked out.
“Well dear when you complete the mating process and have unprotected sex it tends to happen. Especially when you mate is a Prince and is over 200 years old and has not produced and heir.” She explained and it made me feel stupid. I don’t know why I thought I was above getting pregnant when I had clearly participated in unprotected sex. Maybe its because I thought my mate was old enough and smart enough to make sure that wouldn’t happen since I am only 17! I growled at the thought of him, thinking maybe he had done it on purpose to trap me into staying with him so he would have control over me and my powers.
“He doesn’t know.” she said simply, snapping me out of my thoughts.
“What?” I asked.
“He doesn’t know your pregnant.”
“How do you know?” I asked.
“Because you are not far enough along for your scent to change. Your scent will change when the fetus is out of the danger zone.”
“So I could lose this baby?”
“Its always a possibility, but my house is your house until you wish to leave. I will tell no one you are here and even cast a spell to protect them from sensing you on my property if you so wish.” she offered.
“Why would you go through all that trouble for me? You don’t even know me.
“You are my princess and also a fellow witch, besides its nice to have someone to keep me company while my husband is gone.” she replied and pointed at the recliner behind me signaling for me to sit and relax. I sat down and started to think about what this all meant, I was now pregnant with Kai’s child and at some point he needed to know…

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