Chapter 18

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Chapter Eighteen...

I have been stuck in this cell for over two days now and I was starting to think I was never getting out of here. I had even tried yelling out to one of the guards I knew were on the other side of the metal door at the end of the hall. No one would answer me and no one had come to feed me and I was starving I even think my stomach was starting to eat itself. I slide down one of the cement walls and was starting to give up hope of anyone ever coming back in here when I heard the door open at the end of the hall. I stood up instantly and walked towards the bars but not close enough where someone could reach through and grab me. Within seconds a tall man stood before me and for some reason he looked familiar. Unlike that last man I had seen this man was handsome and clean looking. He was dressed in a simple black button down and black dress pants and looked to be about 40 but with shifters and other supernatural’s that could mean he was 40 to over 2000 years old, supernatural beings all had different stages of aging so some would look their age some would only age ever 100-200 years after they reached the age of 25. It was weird how it all work so I usually didn’t question people about their age because it always made things weird, like how my mate was over 200 years older then me.

“You look just like her…” the guy said as he studied my face.

“Like who?” I questioned already knowing the answer.

“Your mother, except you have my eyes.” He replied and I gasped, it was my father. I hoped I would never get the displeasure of meeting him but here he was only five feet away from me.

“Let me out of here I need to go home you monster!” I yelled at him and he just laughed.

“You are home, you belong with me I’m your father.”

“No you’re a monster, if you were a father I would have been raised by my real mother in a beautiful happy home.” I snapped.

“Oh Alivia I look forward to get to know you but first we have to discuss your powers.”

“I don’t have any powers.” I hissed which was kind of the truth. Even since my mating I had not shown any kind of powers or skills not even better hearing or strength. I was starting to think that Kai had this all wrong and that I really was just a human. Maybe I was just a girl who looked like the woman he claimed was my mother and this wasn’t truly my biological father.

“Don’t lie to me, I could easily kill you little girl.” he snarled and I stepped a little farther away from the bars that was the only barrier I had between he and I.

“I’m telling you the truth I don’t have any powers, my mate and I were expecting them to show on my 18th birthday but then we thought because of the mating I would receive them but I haven’t. Maybe this is all wrong, maybe I’m not who everyone thinks I am.” I said as I tried to reason with him because it was the only explanation I could think of.

“No I’m positive you’re my daughter, your scent is unmistakable but there is one person who could ID you for sure but if she sees you I’ll have to kill her.”

“No please don’t, I don’t want anyone to die because of me. If anything just kill me and this will all be over!” I pleaded, I knew he was speaking of my mother. Now that I knew she was alive I knew there was hope but I would need my powers if I was going to save her or myself.

“I can’t kill you, without you I can’t have access to your powers. The only thing I can do is kill those who you love to get you to do the things I want.”

“Well first I would have to have my powers, without those I’m useless to you!” I spat.

“It doesn’t make sense, now that your mated to the Prince and have the blood of every supernatural you should have even more powers then originally predicted. Your mating should have given you access to yours powers!” he yelled angrily banging against the bars making me yelp and jump back.

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