chapter 35

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Chapter Thirty Five...

                   After I slammed the door I felt a little guilty but he knew how I felt about the wedding and he still allowed his mother to ambush me. I groaned and fell back onto my bed and just stared up at the ceiling. When had things gotten so out of control, when had my temper turned so volatile. I felt a little out of control and it was driving me insane, so I decided there was only one person who might be able to help me. I wrote a note for Kai just in case he came back, I let know I went to see a friend and I’d be back in an hour or two. Then I teleported myself to Claire’s house and she gladly let me in.

“Were you expecting me?” I asked and she laughed.

“No my dear but what can I help you with you seem troubled.” she replied pulling me onto one of the chairs on the front porch and then excused herself to go get us some iced tea. When she came back she waited for me to speak and she was surprisingly patient.

“Ever since I’ve met Kai my temper has been completely out of control and I don’t know why. All I do is fight with him or push his buttons and I’m just tired of it Claire. Why can’t we be like other mates and be all lovey dovey all the time?”

“Oh sweetie things will change I promise you. Yet between the stress of moving and finding out you could have a mate and then about your parents its been a lot for you to deal with. Besides your pregnant with a royal baby and the surge in hormones and powers that come with that are quite hard to deal with. I think when the Queen was pregnant with your mate she blew up an entire wall of the palace and attacked a guard or two.”

“So this is normal is what your saying?” I asked surprised.

“Yes, and then adding in your other powers, finding out about your parents, killing your parents you my dear are quite a mess.” she replied honestly and I nodded my head not disagreeing with her. I haven’t even dealt with the fact that I killed both of my parents, in cold blood none the less… Sure I had a reason but its not like I had come under attack, I had chosen to go fight.

“So I’m guessing a fight with Kai brought you here?” she asked and I nodded.

“So say your sorry even if you don’t believe you did any wrong. Sorry is showing forgiveness which you will need to learn if you are going to be Queen one day.”

“I know, I think I just need a break from all this drama. I need out of the palace and the craziness that comes with living with his parents. They don’t seem to respect the fact that Kai and I have our own life to plan together, that they are not needed in that planning.”

“So explain that to Kai, but Alivia you need to stop running from everything and everyone.”

“Trust me there is no one else to run from except Kai and I don’t even know if he’ll forgive me this time. I think I might have finally pissed him off enough that he doesn’t even care if I’m his mate or not.”

“He’ll always forgive you and what about Nika?” she asked

“Don’t even say her name to me, I wasn’t wrong when I stopped being her friend. I couldn’t trust her, and I knew she wouldn’t stand behind me when I needed her…” I said trailing off at the end from the hurt it caused me to think about her. Claire leaned over and squeezed my knee and I smiled trying to let her know I was ok.

“So as much as I love having you here I think its time you go back and face your mate. Remember what I said Alivia, stop running and even if standing your ground makes you wrong at least your standing for something.” she said and then got up and hugged me and then went inside not giving me a choice about leaving. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and appeared back in my room. When I opened my eyes I saw Kai sitting on my bed with my note.

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