chapter 31

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Chapter Thirty One...

                     I arrived just outside the compound, so I was standing in a heavily wooded forest. I could hear shouting within the gates so I knew there was lots of activity which was going to make it hard for me to slip in unnoticed. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a surprise attack or if I wanted a full out battle, I knew if I went in there on full attack they wouldn’t be able to kill me without risking my father killing them. So that’s what I decided I would just walk in and show them the powers they were against and hopefully they would stand down. So I entered the front gate and as soon as I entered I heard the front guards shift. I used my energy force power to throw them to the side, I didn’t have time to deal with lowly guards I had bigger things to worry about. I decided I was going to need a little bit of cover if I was going to make it to the main house with all these wolves so maybe a little weather manipulation was in order. I sent my energy force out the keep the wolves at bay while I summoned the weather I would need. The wolves started to back away even farther when they saw the heavy dark clouds rolling in and the thunder that came with them. Then I brought in the rain and then the fog. It kept them from seeing me as I starting walking forward, but I could still sense they were close but they were afraid of attacking because they knew they couldn’t attack to kill. I smiled to myself as I neared the front door. Before I turned to open the front door I looked back and decided I needed a way to keep them from getting in the house. I already knew there would be more shifters within the house and I didn’t need more. So I used the fire I had come to love more then all my other powers and made a wall of fire that stayed contained but burning in a tall wall that surrounded the house. It was amazing to watch it form and before I knew it, it went from yellow and orange flames to the whitish blue that had engulfed me that day. I guess my powers were still growing which is a good thing since I was going to need them to be strong to finish this.

    I entered the house and listened for anyone coming my way but it was silent which meant I was walking into more danger then I realized. There should have been tons of guards everywhere but it was almost like they had been called off. That’s when I saw Jake come running towards me.

“Alivia get out and get out now!” he yelled.

“Jake I’m not leaving I’m going to end this.” I replied trying to keep my voice steady.

“it’s a trap Alivia, he wanted you to come this was his plan! You need to go!” he begged.

“I’m not leaving, if he thinks he can defeat me it might as well be now!” I yelled.

“You don’t understand!” he yelled back.

“Then explain it to me Jake because I’m not going to run out of her with my tail between my legs just because you say so!”

“I-I can’t…” he whispered and ran off just leaving me there. My brother who had warned me to get out refused to give me and answer and then deserted me. I should be used to this by now because everyone always seemed to leave me on my own especially when I needed them. So I shrugged it off and continued through the house trying to find my way into the basement where I was hoping I would find my mother. I needed to find her before I killed my father or this would all be for nothing. I subconsciously played with her bracelet I had on my wrist and continued my search for her. I finally found a way into the basement as I descended the stairs I almost felt as if I should have a gun or something. I knew I had some badass powers but without a gun I just felt like a silly girl in a horror film walking towards my killer, with a gun I would have felt like a hired killer looking for my target.

    I heard movement in the basement and paused on the stairs to listen, the last thing I needed was to be taken by surprise. I let my palms heat up in case of a surprise attack since they wouldn’t be able to hold onto me long once I grabbed them with my hands. I continued my descent into the basement since the noise had seemed to move away from me which meant someone was trying to get away from me and not attack. Maybe Jake had been right about this being an attack but I didn’t care, I think I can handle myself in a fight. I reached the bottom of the steps and looked around, there were jail cells all along the wall in front of me with the silver bars meant to keep shifters in and weak. I continued walking to my left since there was a light coming from the end of the hall. This would be the best place to look for my mother and if she wasn’t here then I would just have to find my father and torture it out of him. I at least needed to know if she was alive or dead, because I didn’t think I could live another day without at least knowing that.

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