chapter 32

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Chapter Thirty Two...

            I swung my arm to the left slamming my father into the wall knocking him out and then I turned to the person who had stopped me from killing him at that precise moment.

“Mom!” I managed to choke out feeling like my chest was constricting.

“Yes its me baby girl, now come here I need to hold you.” she said and held her arms open. I went to step forward but stopped after two steps.

“No, why did you stop me?” I asked suddenly realizing she had stopped me from killing someone who I had assumed had being holding her hostage my entire life.

“He’s my mate!” she cried.

“He’s a monster!!!” I screamed at her.

“No, he’s my mate and he’s your father! Killing him will be the biggest mistake of your life.” she spat and I suddenly felt like I was drowning.. The woman I had come to save had not needing saving, she was on his side…

“Are you insane!?” I spat at her.

“I won’t let you kill him Alivia, I refuse. We can be a family now.” she said her arms still wide open waiting for me to walk into her arms.

“I already have a family and none of them kill people or kidnap them. Why would you be ok with him kidnapping me and holding me hostage, why didn’t you stop him! I thought when you gave me up when I was born you were protecting me from him but now your on his side?!” I screamed, this was just too much.

“Those people are your family, giving you to them was my biggest mistake. I should have listened to your father then and maybe you wouldn’t be this angry.” she said as if her reasoning and her actions were completely sane.

“No that seems to be the only thing you did right! What about my dreams, my entire life I thought you were in danger!” I said as my body started to shake in rage.

“I sent you those dreams, I needed you to believe I was in trouble so you would come. I’ve been trying to lead you to us for as long as you were old enough to understand. I knew you wouldn’t try and find us if there wasn’t any danger, I knew your life was too comfortable so I sent those dreams. I lured you here…” she hissed taking a step forward and I know realized she was dangerous. I knew she was a powerful witch, I might be more powerful but she had so many more experience. I also had to worry about my father waking up, I should have just killed him when I had the chance.

“You take one more step towards me and I’ll kill him. You’ll no longer have a mate!” I spat angrily hoping she took my threat seriously.

“You wouldn’t…” she said as she looked between me and his limp body.

“I have no reason not to and no reason not to kill you. You led me here so you could eventually kill me and take my baby, not so you could have some happy family reunion. When you gave me up as a baby you lose any right to be a parents to me. So yes I would kill him and I can’t wait till his body in cold in the ground so I can live my life in peace.”

“You ungrateful little bitch, don’t deserve the life we could give you. The power the respect!” she screamed and then suddenly out of nowhere and energy ball came flying at my head. I jumped out of the way slamming into the wall. I could feel the blood trickling down my face from a cut above my brow. I picked myself up from the floor slowly keeping my eyes focused on her. As soon as I stood I threw my energy force at her full force slamming her against the wall and she let out a groan as she slid to the floor. She tried attacking me with a power I couldn’t identify but I blocked it by throwing my energy force in front of me. Suddenly I heard someone enter the room to my right and I looked quickly and saw Jake.

“Are you going to turn on me too?” I asked him and his face paled.

“Alivia I don’t know anything, I swear I’m not a part of this. I helped you because I know you deserve better then this.” he said pleading with his eyes for me to believe him.

“I have to kill them Jake, there is no way out for me if I don’t…” I cried and he just nodded.

“I won’t stop you Alivia…” he replied and he looked over at our mother who I realized was his mother too, he really was my brother not just a half brother.

“Your both ungrateful!” She screamed at us.

“No mom, you and dad are just hateful and legitimately crazy.” Jake yelled at her backing away towards the door. I nodded at him knowing he wouldn’t help me end this but he wasn’t going to stand in my way. He had been living a life of servitude for them and they had never appreciated him because he didn’t possess the powers I had. This could have been worse he could have resented me and hated me for it. I made his parents not love him because they wanted me to use for whatever evil they had planned for me. So I guess I had to be thankful my brother was kind and forgiving because I don’t think I would have been the same way. In fact I had grown up in a loving home and here I was about the murder my biological parents, I just didn’t see another way out of this.
    I turned in the direction of my mother again and threw out a some fire to create a barrier so she couldn’t stop me from what I was about to do. I heard her screaming for me to stop, pleading for me to listen to her but I ignored her. She had tortured me with dreams that were lies my entire lives. She had been leading me into a trap this whole time and I had been nothing but concerned for her. I saw my father waking up and smiled. I walked towards him as he tried to stand and it took him a couple tries.

“So you came to save your mother but instead your just going to end her life along with mine?” he asked bitterly.

“It didn’t have to come to this, you could have just left me alone. Had you just let me and everyone I care about go on with our lives it wouldn’t have to be this way. I’m not a killer unlike you, I don’t go around ruining peoples lives for no reason other then to get more power. This is not what I want but its my only choice, you’ve force my hand!” I cried.

“You’ve spent all this time searching and wondering about your mother and your just going to kill her?” he asked.

“I won’t have to, watching you die will make her want to die. Losing a mate makes a persons will to live dissolve…”

“She’s stronger then that and she’ll avenge my death, so go ahead do your worst you pathetic excuse for-” I cut him off mid sentence and flicked my wrist and snapped his neck. I watched as his body fell to the floor and my feeling of triumph was soon replaced with feeling sick. I was not made to be a killer, this was not something I could handle. I heard a screamed behind me and turned to see my mother trying to fight against my fire barrier. I turned to face her and I walked closer.

“You bitch you killed my mate!!!” she screeched and the fury in her eyes scared me. Her pupils had turned black and her breathing wasn’t even and he made me stumble backwards. Suddenly Jake appeared again.

“You have to kill her!” he yelled from the other side of the room.

“I don’t think I have it in me Jake!” I yelled back not taking my eyes off the insane woman in front of me.

“If you don’t kill her she’ll go after you as soon as she figured out a way past your barrier. You’ve killed her mate it doesn’t matter that you are her daughter or that I am her son, she’ll kill us both and anyone we care about.” he yelled.

“Then you do it because I don’t think I can.”

“Alivia I don’t have the power to kill her, I am just a shifter. I didn’t even get any form of witch or fairy blood in me.” he explained.

“Don’t make me do this Jake, please don’t make me do this.” I pleaded. I had already killed my father and no matter how evil and insane my mother was I had spent so much time and energy wishing for the day I would see her again. Now that that day was here I wish it wasn’t but she was still my mother. It was like looking into a mirror when I looked at her, the only difference was the eyes but almost everything else was the same.

“Its are only way out Alivia…” he pleaded and I nodded as the tears trickled down my cheeks. Suddenly I felt myself go flying backwards again, my emotion must have made the fire barrier falter for a second. I hit the wall behind me and groaned in pain. She had caught me off guard with another energy ball, it seemed her preferred method of offense. I threw my energy force up to hold her back so I could recover. She looked absolutely insane, her eyes still completely black he hair completely twisted in knots and she stalked towards me like a madwoman.

“You killed my mate…” she growled as I got back on my feet.

“He deserved it!” I spat which sent her over the edge. She threw all her power at me hoping it crash through my shield but I pushed back at the right moment to keep her from killing me.

“If I had known I was going to give birth to such a pathetic excuse for a daughter I would have ended your life before it started!” she hissed.

“Don’t you dare call me your daughter, you lost that right a long time ago.” I said my choice unnaturally calm it actually frightened me a bit. She threw another spell at me and I calmly deflected it and it hit the wall to my left crumbling part of the wall. That’s when I got an idea…
    I turned to Jake and yelled for him to get out of the house.

“I can’t just leave you!” he yelled back.

“I’ll be fine just get out!” I screamed and he gave me one last glance before he took off running. She didn’t even register that he had been standing there the whole time. I guess her hatred for me had clouded all her senses and I was the only thing she could focus on. I kneeled down to the floor placing both palms against the cement and concentrated. I felt the floor shift and start to shake and she looked around as if she suddenly realized where she was. I felt everything start to crumble as I made the earth shift causing my own mini earthquake. I hadn’t been sure I would be able to do it since I had never tried it but it had been now or never.

“Are you insane!?” she screamed at me.

“No, I’m just ending this now!” I replied.

“Your going to kill us both!”

“It’s a chance I’m willing to take, goodbye mother.” I hissed and ran for the door that would lead me back the way I came. I knew she had tried to follow me but the ceiling was already caving in and she hadn’t made it out of that room. I kept running as fast as I could. As I was running through the house it was falling down around me and I didn’t think I was going to make it out alive. This might be the end, I might have succeeded in what I came to do but I might be paying with mine and my child’s life.
    I suddenly felt strong arms around me pulling me towards the door. Something dropped right in front of me but I was pulled out of the way before I was hit. I couldn’t see who my savior was because everything around me was falling to pieces but whoever it was I was grateful for. The person pulled me out the front door just as the rest of the house collapsed and we jumped and landed on the lawn. I took a few deep breaths before I turned to look who my savior was.

“Kai?!” I questioned not believing my eyes.

“Jake called me. I wasn’t going to leave you on your own Liv, you need a prince charming and I wasn’t going to let you down this time, or ever again.” he said and pulled me in for a kiss.

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