chapter 21

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Chapter Twentyone...

I felt as though my heart was shattering into a million pieces and if I didn’t feel such a strong need to get out of here I probably would have crumbled into a heap right here on this floor. I didn’t think this feeling could get worse but when he turned toward me and my eyes met his I felt as if my soul was dying. At first he looked as though he’d seen a ghost but then they seemed to softened and he started walking towards me. I took off running the moment he stepped in my direction, I didn’t want to hear his lies or his excuses I knew what I had just seen. I ran down the stairs and right into someone and when I looked up it was Blake who also looked like he had seen a ghost.

“Move!” I screamed at him punching him in the chest only to hurt my hand in the process. He went to open his mouth to say something when I heard loud footsteps reach the bottom of the steps and knew exactly who was standing right behind me.

“Liv let me explain.” he pleaded and I whipped myself around angrily to face him.

“I don’t need you to explain Kai.” I spat, his name feeling dirty against my lips.

“It wasn’t what it looked like, now please come here I need to hold you, I need to know your real.” he pleaded.

“You disgust me and don’t you dare touch me. You’re a lying cheating man whore who used me! I should have known better, why would a Prince want a plain girl like me, why would he do and say everything he could to convince me that he loved me and was my mate and wanted to claim me and protect me. You had me so convinced it wasn’t for my powers and now it all makes sense. That’s all you were after, you knew with me by your side you could take over the kingdom from your father. You make me sick!” I screamed in his face. At the moment my anger over shadowed my sadness but I could feel the sadness, disappointment and shame eating away at me in the inside.

“I wasn’t cheating on you, and I didn’t use you for your powers they haven’t even shown themselves yet! You are my mate Alivia, you and only you. Now can we please go somewhere more private and talk.” he pleaded with me while taking a step toward me. I held my hand up letting him know not to come any closer, I was a girl on the edge and pushing me wasn’t going to get a desired result.

“I don’t want to hear the lies Kai. I have spent two weeks locked up in a tiny cold cell, only eating once or twice a day hoping my mate would come save me. I had even convinced one of my captors to contact you so you knew exactly where I was… I waited and waited for my prince charming to save me and guess what?! he never showed. Now I escape from my biological father only to come here to find you with someone else and no one is looking for me. You abandoned me and gave up hope on me and left me somewhere to die. So no I don’t want to go into another room and listen to you lie through your teeth because I won’t be believing a word you say and I won’t stand behind you and be your mate.” I said and turned on my heel to leave and I heard him growl.

“Don’t you dare walk out that door again Alivia.” He snarled.

“Some things never change do they.” I muttered and kept walking.

“I swear Alivia, I lost you once I’m not going to let you go again.” he yelled and I turned around again.

“You’ve already lost me, I’m no longer yours. When you touched that other woman you lost any claim to me you thought you had.” I said sadly and I felt my shoulders sag, this was exhausting, all this drama was exhausting. I continued my dramatic exit from the pack house and I heard him coming after me, at least this time he hadn’t shifted. I felt him getting closer and I shut my eyes and cringed and wished I was home and safe. When I opened my eyes I found myself in my bedroom. I stood there looking around not understanding how I got here, this was just too strange for me. Maybe this was a new power, some sort of teleporting type thing. Now this is a power I could get used to, going anywhere I wanted in a blink of and eye. Then I realized if I had just vanished from the pack house everyone is probably freaking out and Kai is going to come looking for me. This might be there first place he comes to look for me so I needed to make sure he couldn’t find me. I groaned in frustration, I was so tired of this crap. I wish that we had never left Texas, everything had been so perfect and simple there. Maybe if we would have stayed in the safety of the palace then my father would have never had the chance to kidnap me and Kai would have never had the chance to cheat on me. I knew I was on the verge of crying but I really didn’t have the time to break down right now, I needed to get out of here. I first thought about taking my jeep but I remembered I had left my car in Vegas and I wasn’t sure if anyone had brought it back here. Even if Kai had shipped it back here I had no idea where the keys were and searching for them would alert my family of my return. I didn’t have time for a reunion, I had an angry cheating mate after me and probably a pack of rogues who work for my father. I shoved some necessities into a backpack and then stood in the center of my room trying to figure out this whole teleporting power. I don’t know if I had just gotten lucky the first time it happened or this would be something I could use at will. I felt stupid standing in the middle of my bedroom with my eyes closed thinking about the beach I had been to that day when Kai found me. I felt like it was never going to happen until I heard my balcony door burst open and then before I could even look to see who was there I was gone. I landed with a thud onto the sand so I stood brushing myself off. I needed to practice that power until I stopped landing on my butt because if I did that in an actual crucial moment I would look like a total klutz. I know how I look should be the last thing I should care about but I’m a 17 year old girl and I can’t help it. Embarrassing myself in public is still on my top 10 list of things to avoid, its just now just lower on the list since avoiding my mate and deranged biological father and pack of rogues became a problem in my life. I walked along the beach trying to decide what to do next, I really didn’t have anywhere to go. If I went home my parents would gladly offer me up to Kai, and even if they didn’t I had to worry about daddy dearest kidnapping me again. I couldn’t go to Texas and ask Lily for help because I knew she would want me to hear Kai out and fix things between us. I could try going back to NY to see if my old pack would help me but I felt like I would be putting them in danger, not only from my father but by a Prince who wanted his mate. I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble because of me but I did need to figure out a place to stay. I decided there was only one person who might help me and go behind Kai’s back even though they wouldn’t be happy about it. I just needed know how to contact her without Kai finding out.

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