Unknown History

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Chapter One...

So here I was moving to a new town in a new state to join a new pack. Well I wasn't necessarily joining the pack but my parents and older brother were, I happen to be a human in a family of werewolves. Now I'm sure your wondering how this could be possible, how two werewolves could have a human child well bottom line is I'm adopted. It wasn't even a traditional adoption, apparently one day my parents were returning from a pack meeting when a woman came running up to them with a baby in her arms. They said the women was soaked from the rain as was the baby but they also noticed she was bleeding. The women begged them to take me and protect me, they said it seemed like she knew they were wolves and that it was why she had chosen them. They tried to ask questions but the women was too panicked and just kept trying to hand them the baby. Finally my adoptive mother took the baby from the women and they said the women looked so thankful and relieved and then leaned down and kissed the baby and disappeared. So that is how I ended up with my parents, I was that baby that the woman had wanted so badly to hand over to some strangers. I was unwanted from the day I was born but I had to say my parents had raised me well and treated me like I was their own but there was always that feeling of being unwanted by my biological parents. That there was something so wrong with me that within hours of birth I was thrown to the wolves, literally.

    So now I had been moved across the country to California away from all my friends and all the people who already knew and accepted my story. I didn't want to be in a new place with a new pack of wolves who I knew would treat me like the outsider I was. Werewolves didn't like humans and they didn't trust them, but my pack back home had grown up with me and they knew my past and had no problem with it. I knew this pack would be different, I wouldn't be allowed at pack meetings or their main functions. I probably wouldn't be allowed to date within the pack either, not that any of these new wolves would ever think of dating a human unless it was just for sex which I wasn't interested in. I wanted nothing more then to be one of them and be guaranteed a mate who would love me unconditionally forever. Yet I knew I would never get a mate, I was just a stupid human who had to accept the hand life had dealt me. So as we pulled up to our new house I was surprised at how big it was. I knew my parents had money and we had always lived in a really nice house but this house was just massive and seemed a little outrageous for my down to earth parents.

"Wow dad I think you out did yourself." I said as I tried to stop myself from drooling.

"Well I'm going to be the new Beta of this pack so I thought we'd live like a Beta's family should." he replied and pulled me close to him and kissed the top of my head.

"Beta?! Really dad that's awesome." I said and gave him a quick hug before I headed for the front door; I wanted to be able to pick out my new bedroom in this giant place. As I went to walk up the giant main staircase I was suddenly passed by my brother who laughed as he beat me to the second floor. I started running after him knowing I couldn't catch up but trying my best to try anyway.

"Scott don't you dare take the biggest room, I'll kill you!" I yelled after him and I could hear his laughter down the hallway. So instead of trying to catch up to him I headed to the room all the way at the end of the hallway to the left. There were two black double doors and I pushed them open to be greeted by the most perfect bedroom. It was so big that it even had a space for a seating area that would fit a couch and a chair or two. It also had a balcony that looked out to the woods that surrounded the house. Before I even saw the bathroom or closet I decided this would be my new room. So after I put my purse down on the floor I went to check out the closet which would make Carrie from sex and the city proud and then I went and found the bathroom that was basically its own spa. So as I was checking out the bathroom Scott walked in and scared the hell out of me, it seemed I would never get used to how quiet wolves were.

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