Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine...

As soon as he went to open his mouth his cell phone starting to ring. He cursed under his breath and pulled his phone from his pocket and he frowned when he saw the name on the caller ID.
“Yes Sir?” he asked and I became confused, who the hell would Kai call Sir? He was Prince, who could possibly be calling him that would out rank him unless…maybe it was his father. Oh god this was just going to get worse. He walked back into the bathroom so I couldn’t hear the conversation but I did hear him raise his voice quite a few times. I thought about grabbing my bags and making a run for it while he was distracted but I figured I might just be causing more trouble for myself. The last thing I really needed in my life at this point was more trouble, especially if he was speaking to is father the king. He finally walked out of the bathroom and I could tell from his expression he was not about to tell me good new.
“We have to go.”
“Go where?” I questioned.
“To the palace, it seems your little trip to Vegas caught the attention of my father.” He responded without looking at me he was still staring at his phone in is hand.
“So your going to drag me off to your kingdom and then what?” I asked getting fed up that he wasn’t just offering me the information he knew I would be asking for. It was bad enough we had been interrupted when he was about to tell me something he claimed was important.
“You act like I’m some cave man who’s going to throw you over my shoulder and carry you off to my cave. It’s a palace Alivia, you’ll be safe.” he responded still not looking at me.
“If I’ll be so “safe” as you’re claiming then why can’t you look me in the eye and say it. And you haven’t even told me exactly why we are going to the palace or where this palace is, how about you start answering some questions or I’m not going anywhere.” I said angrily keeping my arms crossed across my chest. I was trying to control my temper and be civil with him but it was making it super difficult.
“I’ll answer your questions on the way but if we don’t get downstairs and into the car that is waiting to take us to the airport you are going to have a guard up here any minute going all caveman on you. So you have a choice, take my hand and walk downstairs with me and get in the car or wait for the guard to come and drag you out?” he asked and I could tell he was trying to stay calm so I didn’t throw another tantrum.
“Fine you win, but when we get in that car you’re going to start giving me answers.” I demanded and stood up. I winced from the pain my sudden movement made and he stepped toward me reaching out to steady me but I batted his hands away and scowled at him.
“You’ll have to wait for the plane for answers, I don’t want anyone overhearing our conversation.” he said and grabbed my hand before I could protest. He headed toward the door and grabbed my bags on the way and then led me into the hall towards the elevator.
“Don’t think I’m going to forget that you owe me answers.”
“I know your not going to forget Liv.” he replied and we continued the rest of our trip in silence.
    Once we arrived at the airport the car drove us to a private hanger where a private jet was waiting. Kai helped me out of the car and towards the jet and made sure I was comfortable in my seat before going to talk to the pilot. When he came back he took his seat across from me, only a small table separating us.
“So start talking Mister.” I said and stared him down.
“Patience Liv.”
“Patience is something I lack with you.” I replied dryly and he laughed which made me cross my arms across my chest and turn away from him so I was looking out the window instead. He leaned forward and placed his hands on the table trying to get my attention.
“Please look at me, I’ll give you some of the answers you want.”
“Some? No all.” I snapped.
“I can’t promise you that and I don’t want to lie to you, so ask your questions and I promise to do my best ok?”
“Fine, so start with what you were going to tell me before we were so rudely interrupted by your cell phone.” I answered.
“Ok, but if I’m going to tell you that I need you to look at me and I need you to listen to me and hear me out before you make any accusations or getting angry with me, ok?”
“Fine.” I replied and turned back to face him and noticed he looked really nervous.
“You might hate me when I tell you this, maybe not because of what I’m about to tell you but because I didn’t tell you from the beginning…” he said breaking eye contact with me and looking down at his hands before he resumed eyes contact and continuing.
“I sensed you the moment you entered that mall and I kept searching for you yet some how you stayed one step ahead of me. That was until Blake ran into you, I had just spotted you when I saw you fall and it made me so angry to see someone treat you with such disrespect I almost shifted on the spot. I may have the blood of all supernatural’s and have more other powers but my shifter self is the most dominant side. I knew he was the Alpha’s son and it took everything in me not to kill him and his pathetic little friends on the spot. Then when I came over to help you and I touched your hand I knew I had found you. Your touch confirmed what my heart knew the second I laid eyes on you… Alivia you’re my mate…” As soon as the words left his lips I felt as if all the air in the plane had been sucked out by a vacuum and I couldn’t breathe. I tried getting out of my seat but I seemed so uncoordinated that I couldn’t seem to get up. I started panicking and started thrashing around not caring that my ribs now felt like they were on fire. I needed to get up, I needed out of this plane, and I needed to throw up. I finally got out of the seat and I started looking around for the bathroom. He stood up and tried to pull me into his arms but I bounded past him and to the restroom. As soon as I shut the door I fell to my knees in front of the toilet and felt everything I had eaten that day made a second appearance.
    After about 20 minutes I felt like I could finally breathe again but I still didn’t feel right, I felt trapped and confused. Sure I had always wished for a mate but always thought I would never have one, now he claimed to be mine and I didn’t know what to do. How could my mate possibly be the Prince of supernatural’s, this was too much. One minute I’m a simple human girl who happens to live with a family of werewolves and then I move to a town and then a Prince shows up and he gave me information about my past and now he’s my mate!!! I didn’t think things could get anymore complicated but how wrong I’d been.

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