chapter 29

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Chapter Twenty Nine...

     At first Nika had said nothing she just stood and started pacing the room and if she was trying to figure something out and then suddenly she stopped and turned and said, “You have to tell Kai.”

“Oh no I am not telling Kai, if I did he’d lock me up in a tower and throw away the key and make sure me and the baby never saw daylight again. You also can’t say anything to Kai, swear to me you won’t Nika.” I demanded. She just stared at me like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Nika you have to swear you won’t say anything!”

“Why Ali, what are you planning?!” she asked throwing her hands in the air and shaking her head.

“I need to finish this and if I tell Kai I will never get the chance. Nika I’m not only trying to protect myself and my baby but everyone else I love. I also think everyone has forgotten that he might still have my mother!”

“I’m not saying we should just sit here and do nothing but seriously Ali you are in no condition to fight. Being pregnant doesn’t make you useless but a royal pregnancy makes you very susceptible to a miscarriage no matter what stage of pregnancy your in and I’m sure someone has told you that. So why don’t we just tell Kai and Ayden and have them plan an attack on your father, we know where he is already!” she argued but I didn’t want to hear anything she said, she sounded just like Kai.

“No you can’t tell anyone, I forbid you.” I said using my power as princess for the first time.

“That was low especially for you Ali. I didn’t think you were the kind of person to use your alpha princess powers on your friends.” she snapped angrily.

“Yeah well when I came to you months ago for help I didn’t expect for you to turn your back on me either. So sorry Nika it wasn’t my intention to have to use my power to stop you from opening your mouth but obviously it was the only way you’ll keep a secret for me.” I hissed feeling a little betrayed by my friend, not once but twice. Maybe it was time to reconsider my friendship with her because obviously her loyalties did not lie with me but with Kai.

“Ali…” she pleaded but I just shook my head unable to look her in the face.

“Don’t bother Nika, just get out.” I said my voice void of any emotion, I didn’t have the energy to feel any kind of emotion right now.

“Ali don’t close me out, not when you need a friend the most.” she pleaded her voice sounded sad and defeated.

“Exactly I need a friend and you are not my friend. You are loyal to Kai and always have and always will be. I need someone on my side for once, I need someone to back me up and believe in no matter what.” I confessed feeling a weight lift off my shoulders.

“You can’t honestly mean that Ali. We were best friends from the second we met, I know its been a rocky road since then but to just end a friendship it seems like a such a waste.” she argued.

“What is a waste is this friendship, I couldn’t even get you to help me when I needed it the most. I had to ask a stranger to take me in and help me, do you realize how hard that was? I had no one left to run to because you refused to help me. Your not a friend to me Nika you’re a watchdog for Kai and I’m done now get out.” I replied fighting back the tears, it hurt to say these things but it was the truth.

“I’m sorry Ali I didn’t know that’s how I made you feel, I’m sorry I didn’t help and I’m sorry I always choose Kai’s side. You have to understand though that I am a shifter and he is my prince!”

“And I am now your princess carrying the heir to your kingdom and still your loyalty lies with him, get the hell out before I throw you out!” I screamed and she winced and then hurried out the door only glancing back once.

    The loss of Nika was like a knife to my heart and I didn’t even have my mate to lean on because he thought I was pregnant and useless. Why did everyone refuse to see that I was powerful enough to take care of myself I didn’t need an army of protectors who would only lose their lives in the process. I wish more then anything that Kai had a little bit more faith in me and would help me in my fight rather then fight against me. So once again here I was alone and pregnant with no one to turn to… well maybe I did…

    I ran to my closet and started packing a few things I would need for a few days and that’s when I heard knocking on the door.

“Liv open up its Kai.” he called through the door.

“I’m going to bed, just leave me alone!” I called back continuing the pack my stuff.

“Please just let me in, I just want to talk.” he pleaded.

“I honestly don’t care what you want, I want to sleep now go away!” I yelled back at him hoping he would take the hint.

“I can hear you moving around in there so I know your not in bed, just give me a few minutes, please.” He continued to plead with me and finally I decided it was easier to let him in now then for him to discover me missing when he snuck back later to see me. I threw the bag of clothes and essentials in to the closet and shut the door and walked over to the door and pulled it open.

“Talk.” I spat and he just gently moved me aside so he could come into the room.

“Please calm down and just listen to me.”

“I’m listening so speak.”

“Nika told me you kicked her out…” he started and I cut him off.

“I don’t want to talk about Nika and if that’s what you came to talk about then your wasting your breath. In face I want her gone, I want her sent back to California first thing in the morning because I don’t need or want her here.”

“You don’t mean that, Nika is your best friend.” he said confused.

“I thought so too but obviously she’s not, now enough about her. So what did you come here to talk about?” I replied losing my patience, I had somewhere I needed to go and he was wasting time.

“I wanted to apologize for breaking my promise, after everything we’ve been through I know trusting me was hard. It was stupid of me to think you would be ok with it and understand and I don’t blame you for being mad.” He explained which softened my heart just a bit but I wasn’t going to let it go this easily.

“You can’t just say things I want to hear, I need you to be my mate not my prison guard. And yes I understand keeping this pregnancy from you was stupid and has made you really protective now that you know but I’m not handicapped because of it. You need to trust me and I need to trust you and I hope we can work this out sooner rather then later but I need some space right now.” I replied trying to be as kind with my words as possible. I didn’t want to hurt him anymore because it was true, hurting your mate hurt you as well.

“How much space?” he asked.

“Just a few days, that’s all I’m asking for. I need to clear my head and get some rest and I don’t want any distractions.” I answered and he was silent before he replied.

“Ok I’ll give you a few days if that’s what you need.” he answered and I leaned over and kissed the cheek I had slapped earlier and he smiled.

“I love you.” he said before he left the room.

“I love you too.” I replied and he smiled and then left closing the door behind him. As soon as I heard his footsteps disappear I rushed back to the closet and pulled the bag back out. It was either now or never, so I stood still and concentrated on Claire’s front porch until I felt the pull and knew I was out of my bedroom. When I opened my eyes I was standing on the porch of Claire’s cabin and smiled when I saw the lights inside were on. I stepped forward and knocked and waited for her to answer the door. When door swung open she was standing there with a knowing smile.

“I’ve been expecting you.”

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