Chapter 12

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Chapter twelve...

I was so thankful the next morning when I was woken up by Lily gently shaking me awake. At first I refused to open my eyes thinking it might be Kai trying to talk but then I realized I didn’t feel that overwhelming power and emotion so I opened my eyes to be greeted by Lily’s smiling face.

“Morning sweetheart.” she gleefully sang in a sing song voice. I sat up wincing a little from my ribs and she looked at me with concern.

“Are you injured sweetheart?” she asked while keeping a close eye on me probably looking for deception.

“Just some healing ribs.”

“Did you fall?”

“No, you son’s wolf attacked me.”

“Attacked you?” she asked shocked and somewhat horrified.

“I kind of deserved it, he was already emotional and I kept pushing and pushing until he lost it. So no he shouldn’t have attacked me but in all honesty I probably would have done the same thing he did if I was in his position. I don’t know if you noticed yet but I tend to drive him nuts.” I answer and she actually giggled.

“I’m going to have to talk to him and his wolf about that temper, you never attack your mate no matter how unruly they get. Yet I’m sure from the extended waiting period for the mating is driving him a little crazy.” She said and then waved her hand in the air as if she was brushing the thoughts away.

“So not to be rude but is there a reason your in my room at… 7:30am?” I asked glancing at my alarm clock.

“Oh I almost forgot, yes I’m here to take you dress shopping. We both need dresses for the ball and I want you to find something fabulous, not that you wouldn’t look stunning in anything. So how about you get ready and I will meet you downstairs in about 30 minutes and we’ll head out to the store.”

“Ok sounds perfect.” I said trying to sound as cheery as possible. She left my room quickly and I managed to get out of bed without anymore pain. Since I had taken a bath last night I decided not to shower, so I just did a little something with my hair and put on a touch of makeup and then put on jeans and a blouse and grabbed my bag. I slipped on my shoes and exited my bedroom and walked downstairs. As I reached the bottom of the steps Kai was standing there with a ice coffee and an everything bagel with cream cheese, my absolute favorite. He smiled kindly and handed them to me.

“For me?” I asked surprised.

“Yeah I figured you could use some fuel for shopping with my mother.” he said and shrugged. I hating seeing him so insecure, it just didn’t suit him well. I was so used to him being confident, strong and utterly impossible that seeing the weaker side of him made me sad and a little guilty.

“Thanks, this is really nice of you.” I said and gave him a smile.

“So about that talk…” he began

“When I get back from shopping.” I answered cutting him off. He smiled and nodded and then walked off into the house disappearing from sight. That’s when a still cheery Lily walked into the hall with her purse and car keys.

“I hope your ready for a day of shopping.” she called as she headed toward the front door.

“I am always ready for shopping.” I replied as I followed her.

“A girl after my own heart.” she replied and I laughed.

    We drove to the mall while making small talk. She asked me questions about my family and school, she seemed to steer the entire conversation away from Kai as if trying to let me know she didn’t want me to feel pressured into anything. When we arrived at the mall we walked into a fancy dress store and I felt a little out of place especially when I looked at one of the price tags which read $6,500. Just seeing the price of these gowns made my palms sweat, there was no way I would be able to afford something here. Lily must have seen the panic on my face because she placed a hand on my shoulder and said, “I will be buying your gown, you are our guest of honor so please do not even look at the prices.” I sighed in relief but still felt a little guilty. One of the sales women approached us and gave Lily a hug, so I figured they knew each other.

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