chapter 19

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*** it's a short chapter but i'm going on a snowboarding trip tomorrow so i won't be home till later tomorrow night. So i'm hoping to update again tomorrow before midnight but i figured i would at least post what i have now. Thanks for reading but more votes would be appreciated so would comments since i'm starting to lose momentum so any help or feedback would be nice!!!! :) ****

Chapter nineteen...

It had been a week and still no sign of Kai or anyone for that matter. Jake had only stopped by once a day dropping off food. He said he hadn’t heard anything back from someone but he had left a message on the number provided for a Kai Montgomery. I was starting to think my Prince charming wasn’t going come save his princess, so much for keeping me safe. Who knew if he was even looking for me, he might have realized how complicated and difficult I made his life. Its not like I was this sweet girl who hung at his every word and wanted nothing else to do but marry him, and give him tons of kids and promise to love him forever. I hadn’t promised to do any of that, I had even told him I didn’t want to get married for a really long time if ever. Maybe he had already moved on to another shifter who could give him exactly what he wanted. Obviously I’m losing my mind in this small little cell, soon I’m going to be drawing stick figures on the walls and talking about aliens. I stood up and walked over to the bars and placed my hands on it when suddenly it felt like the metal was heating up. I quickly pulled my hands away from the bars but still felt the heat in my hands. I looked down and they looked like the were red and glowing slightly. I really was losing my mind in her, if I stayed in here any longer without real human interaction I was going to start thinking I was a superhero, or worse the Easter bunny. I groaned loudly and kicked the small bed in the corner, I was so tired and hungry and frustrated. After a few minutes I walked back over to the bars and put my hands back on it and sure enough the same feeling of heat came back but the glowing got worse. I pulled my hands back and then jumped back when I heard the door open. I smiled when I saw it was just Jake again with more food.
“Hey Jake.”
“Good afternoon Alivia.”
“Jake can you touch the bars for me, I swear I won’t do anything.” Maybe if Jake touched the bars and it happened it would make sense or if he refused to touch the bars I knew it was a security feature. He pushed my food threw the slot and I took it and then he walked over and put his hands on the bars.
“Do you feel anything?” I asked staring him down looking for any type of reaction.
“No nothing, they are just silver bars Alivia.” he said giving me a strange look as if he thought I was starting to go a little crazy.
“Ok, thanks anyway.” I said and he left. I knew I probably should have talked to him a little bit longer so I wouldn’t feel so trapped but I didn’t want my biological father thinking Jake helped me if I finally did escape. Besides now that I knew there was nothing wrong with the bars, I was either getting some weird power I didn’t understand or I was actually losing my damn mind.
    I waited a little bit and then decided to try grabbing the bars again and even though it started heating up quickly it didn’t burn me it just felt like heat emanating from my hands. When the bars were glowing red I thought maybe they might be hot enough to bend a little to give me enough space to crawl threw. They started to give a little but I pulled my hands away to stop. I knew I would probably be able to get myself out of the cell but there was no way I would be able to get myself out of this basement or whatever else waited for me beyond that door. I needed a plan before I just decided to destroy the metal bars on my cell just to get trapped again. And then my father would realize I had figured out one power and would never even think of letting me go or even giving me a chance to escape. I decided to lay back on the bed to try and think of something better when I started snapping my fingers. After a few snaps I suddenly felt heat between my fingers and noticed there was a flame. I sat up and just stared at the flame that danced between my fingers and then settled in the palm of my hand and became a little ball of fire, it almost looked cute just balancing right above my palm. I closed my palm and suddenly water splashed as if I popped a water balloon in my hand, I couldn’t help but giggle at the sensation. I couldn’t help but feel excitement bubble in my chest from the discovery of these new powers. I just needed to make sure no one in this entire place including Jake saw what I could do, but I knew I needed to keep trying to find out how to develop other powers so I could free myself from this cage. I started to think that if fire, heat and water were present then maybe some of my powers had to do with the elements so maybe I needed to figure out how to do something that would make wind appear and then figure earth out somehow. I spent hours pacing around my small cell trying a whole bunch of different types of things until I finally got so frustrated I covered my face with my hands and then dropped them to my sides and suddenly a gust of wind flew out from my hands. It brought a smile to my face and I played around perfecting my new skill, if I thrust my hands forward or eventually held my hands out and thought about wind it would create a gust as strong or as weak as I wanted. Now I just had to figure out earth, which I had a feeling wasn’t going to be as simple as the others.  I got interrupted a few times by Jake but each time he would leave I would continue to practice. He seemed to notice I was up to something but didn’t even bother asking. It was like he could sense I wasn’t going to offer any information even if he asked, so he dropped off the food and then made himself scarce.
    It must have been a day or so later when I was eating and I dropped my roll of bread next to the bed by the wall. I reached down to grab it and was struggling a little bit to reach it from where I was. Suddenly I felt the bed shake a little and the cement on the floor and wall began to crack a little and dirt started to trickle in. I started laughing realizing I now knew how to use my powers that mimicked the elements. Now I needed a plan on how to use them to get out of here. I spent the entire next day thinking of something and decided  that since I didn’t know what was behind that door that planning an actual escape was next to impossible so I was just going to have to wing it.

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