Chapter 15

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Chapter Fifteen....

I expected him to be rough and needy but he was gentle and sweet. We kissed for the longest time till I pulled away and turned around letting him unzip my dress as I let it fall to the floor. I heard his small intake of breath before his hands were back on my skin and his touch felt like little sparks exploding everywhere. He pulled me over to the bed and gently laid me down before leaning above me just staring at first. He looked back up at my face and looked at me as if he was unsure if I wanted this so I placed my hand on his cheek and smiled and gave him a small nod. It could be the wrong time to do this but right now I needed him and a part of me which seemed more dominant at the moment wouldn’t have this any other way. He continued his discovery of my body and mine of his, with anyone else I would have felt embarrassed and unsure but this was Kai and being here like this with him only made me feel special and loved. As beautiful as this was I’m not going to say that it didn’t hurt, especially since I had never been with anyone like this before. Yet as soon as that pain subsided I felt the pain in my neck as he sank his teeth in the spot he had picked earlier for his mark. The pain only lasted seconds and then it turned into complete ecstasy and I felt completely weightless.
    It seemed like after we mated I couldn’t get enough of him which seemed to please him. Yet finally around 7:00am he pulled me into his arms and just held me till I fell asleep. I guess I took the hint that I had finally tired him out which surprised me because I thought shifters had better endurance in that department. I didn’t have any nightmares that night, only happy dreams of what my life might be like if I did marry Kai. Just because I had mated with him and let him claim me didn’t mean I had decided on marriage yet, but I was only 17 I had some time before I had to really think about that.
    When I woke up later that day it was already after one in the afternoon and I was still wrapped in Kai’s arms which made me smile. I pried myself from his arms and headed for the bathroom, I pulled on my robe and then walked over to the mirror and then let my robe fall down around my shoulders so I could look at my mark. There were very slight white lines where the bite mark had been and over those lines was Kai’s name in a very fancy script that looked just like a tattoo. I smiled happily at the mark, it really was beautiful. I must have been so focused on staring at it in the mirror I didn’t even notice when a naked Kai walked into the bathroom behind me until he wrapped his arms around me. I didn’t jump in fear like I usually did when he snuck up behind me, I just leaned into him which made me giggle. He nuzzled into my neck kissing his mark and then meet my eyes in our reflections in the mirror.
“How do you feel?” he whispered huskily, his voice still a little hoarse from sleep.
“Amazing, I can’t believe I’m marked…” I replied still staring at my mark in the mirror and he smiled proudly. He moved and sat on the bathroom counter so he could face me and he took my hands in his not meeting my eyes for a moment until he spoke.
“I thought I was going to wake up and this would have all been a dream or that you would regret every second of what happened last night. I cannot tell you how happy I am that you are staring at that mark with a smile on your face.”
“Kai I would not have done that if I didn’t mean it. You were my first…” I told him but trailed off at the end of my sentence. He took my face in his hands and kissed me gently and replied, “I know, and I did everything I possibly could to make it special for you and to keep the pain to a minimum. Hurting you hurts me especially now that you are mine, claimed and all.”
“Thank you.” I said and turned my face into one of his hands and kissed the palm of his hand earning myself a sexy smile from my mate. That’s when I noticed there were two tattoos on his body that I had not seen last night.
“What are those?” I asked pointing at the tattoo on his chest and the one on his wrist. He looked at where I was pointing and then looked back at me with a proud smile on his face.
“Those are my marks from you, as a Prince I get two. The one on my chest over my heart is our initials in the same script that your mark is and the reason that the tips of each letter are green and blue are because of your power. Now the one on my wrist is your name so everyone knows exactly who my heart belongs to.” he responded.
“I like the sound of that.” I said running my finger over the mark on his chest making him shiver. I couldn’t believe how differently I felt about him now, yesterday morning I wanted nothing to do with being marked and mated and now I was a girl in love. Was it normal for emotions to change so quickly, or had that champagne really gotten to my head.
“What are you thinking about?” he asked tracing his finger over my worry lines.
“I was just thinking that I feel very different then I felt yesterday and everyday before that. I guess I should feel different after mating but Kai before last night I was really against mating with you. I told you how I felt about you, liking you one second and wanting to kill you the next. So do you think there is another reason why I had such a big change of heart within a couple hours?” I asked.
“Well the mating does have to do with why you suddenly don’t want to kill me when I open my mouth. The thought of hurting me would hurt you as much as if you thought those things about yourself. I think the champagne had something to do with you being a little bit more open to me then you usually are, but I also like to think you’ve really cared about me this whole time and last night you realized that fighting against your feelings wasn’t worth it.” he replied simply and I just nodded trying to take it all in. He tugged at my robe till it fell to the floor and I gasped.
“Now mate let’s take a shower so we can go get something to eat.” he growled and pulled me towards the shower and leaned in turning on the water. Once it warmed up he pulled me inside and gave me an encore performance of last night.
    When we finally got out of the shower he wrapped me up in a big fluffy towel and kissed the tip of my nose. Then he left me to get dressed and headed to his room to do the same. After I got dressed and did my hair I went to go meet him at his room down the hall when I found him standing there with a single yellow rose. He handed me the rose with a kiss and said, “I know yellow roses really stand for friendship but my mom told me that you seemed to favor this colored rose above the rest.”
“Well your mother would be correct, and I love it.” I said bringing the rose to my nose smelling the sweet scent and smiling softly to myself. I didn’t understand why I was so obsessed with yellow roses but they had always seemed to show up during significant times in my life and I had basically adopted them as my flower. When I saw yellow roses I couldn’t help but think of all the happy moments in my life, including this moment with Kai. I ran back in my room and found a cup in my bathroom to put the rose in water and then rushed back out to Kai so we could get food. We went into the kitchen and the kitchen staff seemed to suddenly make themselves scarce. I hopped up on one of the countertops and watched him as he started going through the fridge and the cabinets looking for something.
“Do you need help?” I asked.
“No I just want you to sit there and look beautiful which shouldn’t be a problem.”
“As sweet as that is can you keep the compliments to a minimum, I like this whole sweeter side to our relationship but losing our witty banter would honestly make me sad.”
“So your now calling our arguing “witty banter”?” he asked with a laugh.
“It sounds less negative and violent, don’t you think?” I smirked.
“Point taken and fine, I will continue giving you reasons to continue our witty banter.”
“Thank you kind sir.” I joked and he growled playfully.
“Ok now hurry up your mate is starving to death.” I whined as my stomach growled loudly making me blush.
“Did I just hear the word mate?” I heard Ezra say behind me and I felt my heart skip a beat and my stomach clench. Ezra was the last person I wanted to know about the mating. Kai must have notice my bad reaction because he walked close enough to me to rub my leg trying to comfort me but still facing his father with authority.
“I guess there is no use in hiding it, so yes, Alivia and I mated.” Kai replied and I felt my face flush red and I wanted to die right on the spot. I knew it was normal for shifters to talk about mating and sex openly for their parents but to me I was still human. I didn’t care that mating with Kai technically gave me blood of all supernaturals and I was no longer human but this conversation was humiliating to me. I wanted nothing more then to disappear from this spot and to bury my face in my pillow and die.
“Well congratulations son, and also to you Alivia. Welcome to the family.” he said walking over to shake his sons hand and pat him on the back. I just kept my head down and muttered “Thank you Sir”. I knew if I look up and saw the proud look on his face I would lose all control of myself and freak out. So I continued to look down at my hands in my lap and he finally took the hint and excused himself. Once Ezra left the room Kai gently put his finger under my chin and made me look him in the face.
“I am sorry for that, I know that the whole mating thing is uncomfortable for you to talk about with other people.”
“I know I’m technically not human but I still feel human and stuff like that is humiliating to me Kai. I rather be set on fire then talk about mating with your parents or my parents or anyone’s parents for that matter!” I cried throwing my hands up in the air for some dramatic flare. He started laughing at me and he took my hands in his and kissed each one and said, “I know and I’m sorry. I also don’t mean to laugh at you when it comes to stuff like this but it reminds me how young and innocent you are and its adorable.”
“Great now I’m adorable, I’ve gone from sexy mate to adorable like a teddy bear in the matter of hours. Next your going to call me cute and pat my head and tell me I’m a good little girl.” I grumbled and I saw he was trying his best not to laugh at me.
“I’m such a lucky man, I will never have to worry about being bored with you.” he commented and went back to cooking. I just sat there on the counter pouting till he walked back over and handed me a plate of French toast with syrup and sliced strawberries. I took the plate and then the fork he handed me and started eating, I was beyond starving at this point. When I finished I turned to him and smiled and said, “At least I know that being mated to you will mean I will never starve.” I then jumped down from the counter and sauntered out of the kitchen hoping I could find Nika. I was in the need for some serious girl talk and I was hoping to find Nika before Lily found me.
    I found Nika after asking a few maids where they had seen her, after checking a few locations I finally found her out by the pool sunbathing. I sighed in relief when I noticed she was alone, and I waved over a maid and asked her to get me a swim suit from my room for me which she happily agreed to especially when she saw my mark. I then made my way over to Nika dipping my foot into the pool and kicking water onto her to announce my arrival. She screamed and sat straight up and went to scream at me when she sniffed the air and her eyes landed on my mark and she just screamed excitedly jumping from her lounge chair.
“OH MY GOD! You’re mated!!!!” she screamed while jumping up and down, I think she was even more excited then me.
“Excited much?!” I asked.
“Ali you have no idea how huge this is, your now a princess! My best friend is a princess!” she squealed.
“Best friend?” I asked feeling my heart swell with happiness.
“After what I just said that’s all you got from that sentence? Seriously I think there is something very wrong with you.” she said putting her hands on her hips.
“I’m sorry its just nice to have a best friend again, besides who cares about being a princess.” I said and walked past her to take a seat on one of the lounges.
“Hell I would love to be a princess, and besides the title you got Kai who is the hottest guy I have ever seen in my life.” she said sitting down on the side on her chair so she could face me. I let out a low growl when she called Kai hot and she held her hands up in surrender.
“Listen I have no interest in your man, I was just stating the obvious. Besides I found my mate last night, remember Kai’s cousin Ayden who was my date last night? Well he’s my mate, strange huh?” she said and this time I squealed with happiness for her.
“You know what that means right?!”
“What?” she asked confused.
“That after you mate with Ayden and when Kai takes over the kingdom and I move here for good that you will be living in the here with me. Well maybe not in the palace unless you want to but you’ll be here in Texas with me!” I said happily.
“I didn’t even think about that, best friends for life then!” she said with a giggle. That’s when the maid from earlier came over and handed me my swim  suit and I went and changed in the pool house. When I came back out Nika jumped in the pool with me to cool off and then we asked one of the staff to get us some strawberry daiquiri’s and something to snack on. We hung out at the pool for a few hours until Kai showed up and Nika congratulated him on the mating. He pulled me into his arms and then sat on my lounge and pulled me back into his arms.
“I have been fighting the urge to come steal you away all day.”
“Thank you for fighting that urge and allowing me some much needed girl time.” I said turning to give him a light kiss.
“Anything for you mate.” he purred into my ear.
“Chill before Nika has to witness something I know she does not want to see.” I whispered back.
“I’d like to see that, so what else can I say to make that happen…” he said and I slapped him chest playfully.
“Kai! Go hang out with the guys if your going to talk like that, besides I expect your mother to make her appearance soon since I have been dodging her all day. I don’t think I can fake another bathroom break this time so I think you should go do something.”
“I can’t be here when she sees your mark?” he pouted.
“No, its awkward enough just having the conversation but you there its worse. So please be a good mate and find something to keep you busy.”
“I want you to keep me busy.” he smirked and I hit him again and then stood and pointed towards the house signaling for him to go. He stood up with a groan and slowly made his way towards the house.
    Within minutes I heard Lily approach and I knew Kai had probably sent her out to see me just to get me back for making him go. I knew I would be making him pay for that later. She came rushing over and before even saying anything she checked out the mark and then sighed happily.
“I am so thrilled that you finally decided to let him mark you, makes everything easier doesn’t it?”  she asked giving me and knowing look.
“yeah I guess it does.” I answered shrugging my shoulders hoping she would drop the conversation and talk about something else, anything else.
“So not to pressure you but did you think about maybe getting married anytime soon, to solidify the bond?”
“No, I’m 17 I don’t even want to say the word marriage.” I sighed, I should have known that the mating wouldn’t be enough for anyone. They would want the big wedding and the grandchildren and soon as possible but they weren’t getting any of that from me anytime soon. So unless Kai wanted to find a new mate everyone was going to have to settle with him just being a marked man.

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