Chapter 36

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Chapter Thirty Six...

           I was 3 weeks from my due date and it was now the end of October. I was being home schooled so I could graduate high school while raising my baby when he or she was born. So between school and making time for my friends I was pretty busy these days. Kai had been traveling to other packs and covens again even though I had asked him to spend the last month of my pregnancy home just in case something happened. So as of right now he was 3 hours away with a coven of vampires trying to resolve a dispute between the vampire coven and a neighboring pack of werewolves. I was spending the day at Ava’s house since she had just had her beautiful baby boy last week, his name was Gage William Hastings and he was absolutely perfect. Holding Gage in my arms make me ache for my own baby to be here already. Becka would have been here to but she was put on strict bed rest for the next week even though her baby wasn’t due for another 2 months. It was weird not having her there but I was almost grateful that I only had to share Ava’s baby with just her. She knew I was currently baby obsessed since my due date was so near I just couldn’t help myself. So when the time came for me to go home that night I sadly said my goodbyes to that beautiful baby boy and went back to my quiet empty house.

    I entered the house to find Lily there waiting for me and I let out a loud groan.

“I know you have been avoiding me Alivia.” She trilled and I shivered from the high pitch of her voice.

“Of course I have been avoiding you, I have been trying to stay stress free for the baby. Now if you’re looking for Kai he won’t be home for another four days so please see yourself out.” I said as I headed for the kitchen to make myself some dinner.

“I’m not looking for my son I came here for you.” she replied.

“Wait how the hell did you get into my house anyway?” I asked suddenly a little angry.

“Kai gave me a key after you bought the place, he said just in case I needed to stop by.” she replied haughtily.

“Well you can leave the key on the counter and leave. I don’t know why he thought you should have a key but I’m revoking the privilege.” I answered and gave her a quick smile.

“Alivia we have less than 3 weeks to plan a royal wedding so I am going to need to be here every day till that happens.” she said and I started to rub my temples, this woman was absolutely insane. I took a deep breath since I promised Kai I wouldn’t go crazy witch on anyone since he wasn’t here to calm me down.

“Lily I am going to ask you very nicely to leave my home and leave my key on the counter. I do not have the time or the energy to argue with you right now but I will say this… There will not be a wedding until I say so. So please just go.” I pleaded as I tried to keep my voice kind and controlled. She just started shaking her head and she put her hands on her hips while squaring her shoulders as if she was getting ready for a battle.

“There will be a wedding when I say there will be a wedding!” She screamed at me and I just sighed and closed my eyes trying to picture a peaceful place before I broke my promise to my sexy mate.

“Please just go…” I whispered but she wasn’t backing down. She rushed forward and got in my face I could even feel her breath against my face.

“Listen to me little girl there is going to be a wedding November 20th and you are going to be there smiling and happy. Your due date is not until the 27th of November so this is going to happen before then do you hear me?!” she hissed.

“Just leave Lily!” I said raising my voice so she knew I was serious.

“I will not leave until we finish discussing the details!” She screeched and that’s when I started walking to the front door and she followed.

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