Chapter 27

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Chapter Twenty Seven....

    I waited about an hour before Kai returned and by now I lost all patience.
“How are you feeling?” he asked when he saw I was awake.
“I need you to send the jet to get Nika.” I said without bothering answer his question.
“Ok, but your still on bed rest even when she’s here.” he answered.
“Fine but take me to a different bedroom.” I pouted.
“No you’ll sleep better in here, besides my mother told me you’ve been staying in here.” he said as he grabbed his cell phone and sent a text and then held his phone back out to me.
“Call Nika back and tell her the jet will be there in 3 hours ready to go.” he said and then walked back over to the recliner he had been sitting on earlier. So I called Nika and she was thrilled that Kai really was sending the jet. After I hung up with her I placed his phone back on the night stand and started flipping through the channels on the tv again.
“I’m surprised you called her, after what Nika told me about your last visit to her room I didn’t think you’d forgive her.”
“At the time I didn’t think I would forgive her but if I can’t sit in a room with you and be civil I can forgive my best friend.” I replied shrugging my shoulders. Maybe I was forgiving her too easily, its not like she had been a great friend to me when I really needed her. Yet I guess I had to be willing to forgive, I didn’t have many people in my life who cared a lot about me. Its not that I didn’t give people and chance it just seemed that since I moved to a new town there hadn’t been any time to get to know people. I had barely lived in California a week before everything started to fall apart, scratch that, barely 24 hours and everything started to fall apart. I kind of missed being at home with my family, sure my parents drove me crazy but I loved them and then there was my brother Scott who always made me feel better. I sighed and leaned back against the headboard on Kai’s bed and just stared at the tv and zoned out. I was aware of Kai staring at me but I didn’t say anything, to be honest I didn’t have the energy to have another verbal fight with him.
    I must have fallen asleep watching tv because when I woke up it was 4am so I must have been out for awhile. That’s when I realized Nika should have been here by now and I don’t doubt that she would have woken me up unless Kai stopped her. So I picked up a pillow and threw it over at Kai who was passed out on the recliner and he jumped up awake and alert.
“Oh good your awake.” I said my voice thick with sarcasm.
“You just couldn’t let me sleep, what do you want to snuggle?” he asked and then gave me his sexiest smile which almost made me say yes.
“No you perv, I actually want to know where Nika is.” I replied trying to act annoyed. He looked down at his watch and I saw concern flash across his features.
“I haven’t seen her but she has to be here, she’s probably with my mother so I’ll go ask. Just stay here and relax I’m sure she’ll be running here in a few minutes.” he said and then rushed out the door. I turned to the nightstand so I could grab Kai’s cell phone and maybe text her when I saw a blood red rose and a small white envelope. I felt my blood run cold, if this was Kai trying to be romantic he chose the wrong rose color because I know he knew what this color rose now meant to me. I reached out for the note and opened it and my gut feeling had been right. This wasn’t a romantic gesture from Kai this was a threat from my biological father.

The note read…

    Dearest daughter,
        Friends are hard to find these days, do you know where yours are?
                Best wishes, Daddy

I dropped the note as if it had burned me and now I was panicking. Did this mean he had Nika, is that why she wasn’t here? But then if that were the case why wouldn’t the pilot alert us that she never got on the plan. I couldn’t help but panic and now that Kai was taking so long to return my fear was setting in.
    Kai came rushing back into the bedroom his eyes giving away the fear he felt.
“The pilot was discovered knocked out in the plane, she never got there Liv.”
“He has her.”
“Your father? Why would you think that?” he asked and I pointed at the rose and then the note. He came and picked up the note and glanced at the rose and his lip curled in disgust. He crumpled the note in his hand and growled.
“Give me your laptop!” I yelled out and he just gave me a look of confusion.
“Just give it to me Kai! And you better still have that email from when I was captured.” I said and I prayed it was still there because I needed to contact Jake and see what he knew and if he could help. Kai came back with his laptop and I opened it up and started going through his email. I know it was nosy of me to already know his passwords but when I had been in Texas that one week I had spent some time on his laptop. When I found the mail from Jake I now knew what they meant by encrypted but I has enough computer knowledge to find a program to help me decode enough to be able to email him back.

To: JJWolfe745
Subject: Important

    Jake it’s Alivia I know I probably shouldn’t be emailing you like this but I need your help. I think your father has kidnapped my best friend when she was on her way to see me in Texas. I think he is going to use me to lure me back so he can force me to use my powers to help him. So please email me back anything that may help me.
            Love always, Alivia.

I saw Kai’s jaw twitch when he saw me type love always and I laughed.
“Calm down Kai he’s my brother or half brother or whatever.” I said waving my hand in the air dismissively.
“Brother?” he asked obviously not following.
“When I was locked up in the cell he was the one to bring me food, I started asking questions and we soon realized that we share the same father. At least I think that’s all we share, I have a feeling my father still has my mother locked up somewhere but I doubt if he was able to have another child with her that he would still be coming after me.”
“Unless that child was born and had no powers.” Kai mused.
“True, but don’t you think Jake would have mentioned her?” I asked and he shook his head.
“Talking about a mother that your father has locked up might not be the top conversation piece that you think it is.”
“Why can’t he just leave me alone, I’m too powerful for him to control.”
“Speaking of powers you never did tell me what they were.”
“There are so many its really hard to explain.”

“Try me.” he said and sat on the edge of the bed with his arms across his chest.

“Kai my best friend is missing and you want to talk about my powers, seriously!”

“Well there is nothing we can really do until either the guards are able to track her or your brother contacts you back so spill Alivia.” he demanded and I sighed in defeat and started explaining everything I could do. Once I mentioned the elements he started pacing around the room running his hand threw his hair every few minutes. He said nothing the entire time I explained each power and when I finally finished he just sighed.
“So since you saw me that day when you caught me with Jess you’ve known about all of these powers?” he asked
“No, I didn’t know about them till I left and I ran into a witch in the woods. She helped me, well more like saved me and one of her powers was to be able to sense other people’s powers. She told me what powers I possessed and she also helped me develop and strengthen each and every one of them. She was also the one to tell me I was pregnant. And at first I was so angry with you when I found out, I thought you knew I thought you did this to me on purpose. But she explained that you didn’t know that you weren’t able to sense it yet but part of me still believes you did this to trap me.”

“I didn’t realize I needed to trap you Liv, I thought you wanted to be with me I thought that is why you let me claim you. I thought you were in love with me like I’m in love with you…” he replied his voice hoarse from the stress and sadness I had just thrown on him.

“I do love you Kai, I love you more then you’ll ever know but my life has not been easy since I met you! I don’t know if you’ve realized this but everyday its something new, and not a good something. The only good things that have happened in the past 6 months are you claiming me and finding out about this baby. I think without those two things I wouldn’t have lost my mind, I want this all to be over and I want us to figure things out and for everything to be easy and happy.” I said and groaned in frustration. How could he think I didn’t love him, was I really that bad of a mate? Was I being so difficult that he doubted my feelings for him and thought I had only let him claim me because I had drank a little bit too much and decided on a whim? I really needed all this drama to go away so I could fix everything else in my life like my relationships with the people I love.

“Let’s just figure out how to get Nika back and then how to get rid of your father for good and then we’ll talk about us ok?” he said softly and took my hand and squeezed it.
“Do you still want there to be an us?” I asked nervously chewing on my bottom lip.
“Always.” he answered and kissed my forehead and then took his cell phone and started making some more calls to see if anyone had found something yet. I grabbed the laptop and refreshed the email browser and searched for a reply from Jake and squealed happily when I saw he had replied just moments ago.

To: kai.Montgomery
Subject: Important

    Alivia its good to know your safe when I heard through the pack mind link they had captured the girl I thought it was you. I’m not happy that she is a friend of your but with you on the outside and me on the inside I’m sure we can help her before anything truly bad happens. Just tell me what you need and I will do anything to help you.
        Yours truly, Jake

I quickly started typing a reply so I could save Nika before my father did anything to her.

To: JakeWolfe745
Subject:  Important

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly it means a lot to me.  I need to know if you are at the location where I escaped from or if you moved somewhere different and if so where exactly you are. Once I have that information I can start to come up with a plan and this time I am not leaving you behind.
        Love- your sister J

To: Kai.Montgomery
Subject: Important
    We are not in the same location, thanks to you that whole pack house burned to the ground, nice job. We are currently 90 miles north of there right by the boarder of Washington and right on the coast. I would give you an address if I had one but lately father doesn’t seem to trust me with small details and I think it has something to do with your escape. I don’t think he suspects that I helped you but possibly let something slip while I was delivering the food to you. The girl isn’t set to arrive here for another day so you have time to get a plan in place. If I find out anything else I’ll email you so be sure to check back at least once an hour. Best of luck sis.

I sighed and closed the laptop, he couldn’t give me and exact location but at least I had a pretty good idea where to look. I knew it was going to be hard to convince Kai to let me help but it was something I had to do. Not only did I feel responsible for saving Nika but this had to end with my father because I couldn’t spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder. Besides if we had any chance of winning this battle we were going to need my powers so Kai was just going have to understand. Kai walked back into the room looking stressed and like he didn’t want to tell me something.

“Spill it mister.” I demanded.
“There’s nothing, no lead no trace, nothing…” he said defeated.
“Well you might not know anything but Jake got back to me, I have a general location to look in. He doesn’t have the exact location because my father decided he couldn’t be trusted that much but we have a good lead. Also he said Nika won’t be arriving to that location for a least a day so we have time to make a plan.” I replied smiling knowing it was a good thing I had thought to email Jake.

“There is no ‘we’ in this planning Liv. You are going to stay here and relax and I am going to take the royal guard and Nika’s father’s pack and go save her.” he replied with a soothing voice but it didn’t work it just made me angry.

“You’re not going to do this without me, you need me!” I yelled angrily.
“No what I need is for you to stay here and relax and make sure our baby stays healthy.” he growled.
“Nothing will happen to the baby I promise I’ll be careful but if we’re going to finish this then you need my powers. Its not like you can stop me, I can just teleport wherever I want to.”
“Alivia don’t start this, I’m begging you to stay here because I know if anything happens to this baby you are never going to forgive yourself.”
“I would never harm this baby Kai but I need to do this.”
“No you don’t, let me protect you for once.” he pleaded and it made me feel sad. I had never given him the chance to protect me I had always just charged ahead and caused more problems. Like when we returned from Texas I should have let him come home with me and then I never would have been kidnapped by my father and I wouldn’t have walked in on Kai with Jess or any of that. I’m not saying my father wouldn’t have tried to get me some other time but if I would have let Kai be my mate and stay by my side I would have been safer. But no I had to be stubborn and have things my way so maybe I should give in this one time and let him do things his way, since obviously my way wasn’t working out so well.

“Fine but if something goes wrong you need to call me and then I’m coming. I refuse to let anyone get hurt because of me.”

“Just relax and trust in me and your kingdom. We can handle this Liv just trust me.” he begged.

“Ok but like I said the minute something goes wrong I need to know.”

“Ok, ok. Now can you just relax and let you mate handle this.”

“Oh my big bad mate, I bet they’re going to be shaking in their boots.”

“Maybe they won’t be wearing boots, especially if they are shifted.” he joked and I narrowed my eyes on him.

“I hope you get bitten in your butt.” I replied and he laughed.

“Gosh I really missed that smart mouth of yours.” he teased and I rolled my eyes now ignoring him.

“Don’t be angry, I can’t go off to battle soon with my baby momma mad at me.”

“Ew don’t call me that.” I hissed.

“Why, you said it about yourself when you were talking to Nika so I assumed you liked it.”

“No it makes me sound like a whore!” I yelled and he stopped laughing.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know you felt that way.” he said looking very guilty.

“How else am I supposed to feel when I’m 17 and knocked up by a guy who I haven’t seen in 4 months.” I hissed angrily and he winced.

“I’m very sorry agapi mou. I will make it up to you I swear.”

“You can start by explaining what that means, you’ve been calling me that since the second day I knew you.” I replied suddenly less angry and more intrigued.

“It means “my love”. You may not have not have known I was your mate in the beginning but I knew the second I laid eyes on you. It was the reason I told you to never be submissive and to never bow, in hindsight maybe I should have let you be a little bit more submissive.” he said and laughed at his small joke at the end.

“Yeah that probably would have helped, I was never really outspoken like this until I met you. I think you made me feel safe and comfortable in my own skin so I felt empowered and hell now I’m a goddamn Princess.” I said and we both laughed and it felt good.

“Its nice to see you smile and laugh, but now I need to go and discuss plans with the royal guards and conference in Nika’s pack so everyone is up to speed. So please stay here and relax because its not going to help me get Nika back if I’m worried about you.”

“Ok, fine just keep me posted or else I’m going to come after you.”

“Fine and if you get another email from Jake please text me.”

“Well that’s going to be quite difficult since my cell phone has been missing since before Vegas. I thought you would track me with it so I left it behind and haven’t seen it since.” I admitted sheepishly.

“Ok I will have someone get a cell phone and program it with my number and bring it to you, but I’m begging you to stay in this bed.” he pleaded and I just nodded, he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and then was gone.

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