Chapter 11

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Chapter Eleven...

We got out of the car and headed for the front steps and I couldn’t seem to shake the sinking feeling I felt the moment I saw the guards. Yet when I looked at Kai he seemed more relaxed then I had ever seen him since I met him, which didn’t exactly mean anything since I had only met him two weeks ago. He squeezed my hand again trying to reassure me but it wasn’t helping. I didn’t know where I was or anyone else here, I was actually starting to wish I had never run away and that I was still safe in my warm bed. He kept leading me through different hallways till we came to a room that appeared to be an office. As we walked in I saw the door on the side of the room open and a man who looked like the more mature version of Kai entered the room. The only difference between the two was that Kai was about two inches taller and had silver and violet eyes and the man standing in front of us had a little gray showing in his hair which meant he was really old for a supernatural and he had just silver eyes.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Alivia, Kai has told me a good amount about you.” he said with a very charming smile.

“Well I’m sure it hasn’t been many good things, I’ve been kind of a hand full.” I admitted much to my embarrassment. Yet he seemed to find what I said funny and let out a small laugh and then looked at his son and smiled.

“You got a good one.” he said with a nod and Kai smiled happily in response.

“Well anyway my name is Ezra William Montgomery and as you know I am King, I was going to wait a little bit longer to introduce myself to you but after hearing of your most incidents I decided sooner was better then later.”

“Well it is a pleasure to meet you King Montgomery.” I said not knowing what else to say to this man.

“So I see you and my son have not mated yet, but it is something you are planning to do soon?” he asked me seeming a little too concerned about it.

“Well I have no plans on being claimed anytime in the new future.” I replied and gave him an award winning smile which won me a scowl from both men so I sunk down in my seat a little bit. I decided that for the rest of this meeting or whatever it was I would try and keep my mouth shut before I really was heading to my execution. They just started talking about security measures for my safety especially since my birthday was in a few months and the closer the time came to me receiving my powers the more dangerous my life would become. That’s just what I needed, more danger and more drama. What happened to the good old days of just being human, I had despised being just a plain old human till I realized the drama that came with being supernatural. Finally after what felt like an eternity the men both stood and shook hands and then Kai shook me out of my thoughts so we could leave. As we were leaving the office I yawned so Kai thought it would be best if he showed me to my room so I could take a nap and then take a bath or something to refresh myself. I didn’t disagree with him so I let him lead the way.

    After I woke up from my nap and took a shower and changed I decided I would give myself a tour around the castle. I made my way through the winding hallways and then past the kitchen grabbing a small snack from one of the cooks and then I made my way out to the gardens. I was walking through the paths stopping every so often to smell some of the flowers until I came to a fountain where a beautiful woman with long dark hair was sitting with a basket full of freshly cut roses. She turned look at me and gave me a warm smile and as soon as my eyes met hers I knew she was Kai’s mother, the violet eyes gave her away instantly.

“Hello Alivia.” she said as she stood, I could tell just by her voice that she was the opposite of her husband. She was kind and soft spoken and that she had probably never done a mean thing in her life, quite the opposite of me…

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