Chapter 20

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Chapter Twenty....

So I paced around my cell for awhile and waited for Jake to bring food. After he brought for I would try my attempt for escape since no one should be coming in here for awhile. So when I heard the door open I jumped but smiled when I saw it was just Jake with a tray. He slid the tray in without saying anything and turned back towards the door but he didn’t take a step forward.

“I’m sorry no one has come for you yet, maybe they can’t think of a plan to get you without getting everyone killed.”

“Maybe, but my mate is a Prince. I would hope that the royal guard and also anyone else who had pledged allegiance to him would be willing to come save me, I technically am there princess…”

“True but it may be a lot harder then it sounds, but listen I’m going out for awhile with my…well our father… we’ll only be gone for about two hours. You see this vent above me?”

“Yeah?” I asked confused about why he was suddenly telling me this.

“If you can find a way to get up into that vent and head east you’ll be able to get to the garage. If you can find a way to distract the guards and then get into the garage the keys to at least 5 cars are in there and you can attempt your escape. Unless you have figured out your own idea by now.”

“Why did you even think about an escape for me? You know how much trouble you could get in if he figured out you helped me.”

“I have been looking at the maps father has of the house, he has them to plan for counter measures for attacks. I noticed the air vent structure last night and knew it is your only chance for escape. Besides you’re my half sister or something and I’d like to think if I can help you escape then I haven’t done all bad things with my life.” He replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

“My offer still stands Jake, you don’t have to stay here and be a part of this. You could have an entirely different life with people who truly care about you and want what’s best for you.”

“Maybe one day when you finally defeat our father I’ll take you up on that offer, but Ali you’re going to need someone on the inside with information. I’m your guy, just remember that.”

“No, I won’t put you in danger like that!”

“Its not your choice to make princess, now start preparing to leave. I’ll be leaving the house with him in about 20 minutes, this will be the only time he’ll leave the compound for another three weeks so make this count ok?”

“Ok.” I said and nodded and he reached his hand through the bars and I took it in mine and he squeezed lightly and gave me one last smile before he disappeared through that door. I hoped more then anything my father wouldn’t figure out that he helped me, the last thing I needed was more people in trouble because of me. So now that Jake was gone I started to figure out a way to get into that vent. There was a chair over in the corner that would help me reached it but if I was climbing into the vent someone was going to hear me. I had to figure out a way to keep them from coming through that door till I could get into that vent and then cause a bigger distraction somewhere else in the house. After pacing a couple minutes I realized my heat and fire power could probably melt the metal of the door to the metal frame but I would have to count on no one coming through the door while I did this. So after I waited about thirty minutes after Jake was gone since I wanted to make sure he was out of the house before my attempt to flee, I used the heat to bend the bars again. After I made a big enough space to crawl threw I headed to the door as quietly as I could. I put my hands against the door where it met the frame and used the flames my hands could produce like a torch. It took about 15 minutes but finally the door was welded to the frame and it would take a lot of strength to get through that door, even a shifter would have a great deal of trouble. So I grabbed the chair in the corner and placed it under the vent thankful that it was close enough to the bars so I could use them to help climb into the vent. It took me four tries before I was able to get myself into the vent and then I decided to go west before I headed east. I crawled through the vent as quietly as I could until I reached another vent, this one had a cover on it but it would be easy to move out of the way for a minute. It looked like it was a living room of some sort which would work perfectly for my plan since it was full of flammable items. So I concentrated until a little fire ball appeared in the palm of my hand and then I threw it towards one of the couches before heading back east in the vent. I knew I had a few minutes before anyone noticed the fire and I was hoping I’d make it to the garage by then. This way once they started panicking I could hop in a car and take off, except I might need a little bit more of a distraction just incase there were more wolves here then I thought.

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