chapt 2

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Chapter Two...

“Good morning Alivia, sorry about last night. We didn’t realize there would be a party and it was impossible to leave. I made your favorite, blueberry pancakes.” she said happily trying to brush over the fact that they abandoned me for the pack and left me here to starve.

“Thanks for the pancakes but it doesn’t make up for leaving me here with no food.” I grumbled when suddenly my dad walked in.

“Well maybe what’s in the driveway will.” he said tossing me a set of keys. I squealed and rushed outside in my pajamas. Parked in the driveway was a brand new 4 door Jeep wrangler in a navy metallic color. It was the car I had been asking for since I got my license 9 months ago and my parents kept telling me to wait and just enjoy the Honda civic they had bought me when I was 16 to practice in. I had been confused when they didn’t ship my car here but now I understood why. I jumped in and started it up and squealed with delight, I couldn’t believe it was mine; my dream car was finally mine! My mom and dad walked outside with big smiles on their faces and walked over to the car; I opened the window and smiled at them.

“You didn’t have to starve me so I would appreciate this so much.”

“Sorry about that sweetie, that hadn’t been part of the plan, but I hope this helps.”

“It helps a lot, but you know I don’t forgive easily.”

“I didn’t expect you too, which is why I loaded money on your credit card so you could go shopping for some new clothes since the weather here is a lot different and you’ll need new things.” My dad said as my mom looked at me to see if I would finally forgive them.

“I guess I can forgive you this time, but don’t let it happen again.”

“Well now that you have a car you can go anywhere you wish.”

“How about back home…” I whispered.

“This is home now sweetie.” my mom replied.

“Not to me.” I sulked and turned the car off and got out and hugged my parents thanking them for the car and ran back inside to eat my pancakes since I was starving.

    After I stuffed my face with pancakes I ran upstairs to get ready to go shopping, I wasn’t the type of girl to go crazy over my appearance. Caking my face with makeup wasn’t my thing and besides it was unnecessary, I wouldn’t say I was beautiful but I was pretty enough. I had emerald green eyes and auburn hair that was wavy but it almost looked curly at the ends, I had clear flawless skin that was pale but had a slight glow to it so I didn’t look sickly and I had a good enough body to attract some male attention. I finished getting ready and grabbed my bag and my keys and headed out.

    I arrived at the mall which was only a 25 minutes drive from my house and parked my car in the parking garage. When I entered the mall I was happy to see it had most of the stores I shopped in and started to make my way into some of them, buying pretty much anything I wanted. After about 2 hours I slowed down a bit and headed toward the Starbucks I had seen earlier. I was about to enter when suddenly someone ran full force into me knocking me to the ground and my bags falling everywhere. I cried out as I hit the hard tile floor and when I looked up I saw a guy about 18 and a group of friends that was a mix of girls and guys. I looked at his eyes and saw he was obviously a werewolf which meant I had to keep my mouth shut.

“Watch where you’re going loser.” he said as he laughed at me and his friends followed his lead. That’s when another guy came rushing over and started helping me up and to gather my things. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t meet his eyes but I noticed that the group that had been laughing at me had suddenly become quiet but they hadn’t moved. Finally when I was standing and holding my bags back in my hands I looked up to see the group staring at my savior with fear.

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